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BIONICLEsector01:Articles for Deletion

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Articles for Deletion is a step by step process an article goes through to be deleted.

Articles for Deletion

There are certain articles that are articles that should be nominated for deletion. These include:

  • Articles that have no connection to BIONICLE whatsoever.

Random articles that have no relevance to the storyline.

  • Articles that could possibly be copyright infringement.

These include names that tribes find insulting or used and have sued Lego into changing those names.

  • Articles that are fake.

These include articles that have seemingly BIONICLE characters in it, but just simply aren't in the storyline. Also unconfirmed information can be considered fake.

  • Any other articles that are trying to down the performance of the Wiki.

If you see any of these types of pages, please follow the steps below.

Actions to Take

If you see an article that seems like an Article for Deletion that fits one of the descriptions above then take these steps:

1. Double Check that the article follows the categories above.

2. Copy and Paste {{Deletion}} into the page.

3. Only nominate one article at a time. No group nominations.

4. Place your nomination into this talk page. Make sure you include the reason why you believe it should be deleted.

5. If the article is chosen to be deleted, then it is your responsibility to contact an admin.

6. If you follow these steps and will be on the look-out for articles for deletion, then you will help this site be a better Wiki.

7. Note: When putting up your nomination, please put a summary that the page has been nominated for deletion. This will let people know what pages have been nominated so they can vote on those pages.

Deletion Process

These are the steps the article will go down in the Deletion Process.

1.The article is nominated for deletion.

2.Over the course of 7 days, if the article receives eight votes for deletion, then it will be deleted. (Similarly, if it receives eight votes for keeping it, it will be kept.) If, however, 8 votes are not achieved by the end of the 7 days for "delete", the page will be kept.

3.The person who nominated it will contact a staff member and they will delete the page.

4.If the article loses the election, it can be reelected 24 hours after the previous election. If a page is nominated for deletion twice and voted to be kept both times, it cannot be nominated again for a month.

5.Note: If a page has already received eight votes for either deletion or no deletion, do not continue to vote for either option. The voting is over; simply wait for or get a staff member and they will take care of the closing.


If you see the following template on a page, then you may vote in its talk page if you wish for it to be deleted.

BIONICLEsector01:Articles for Deletion has been nominated for deletion. Go here to vote for it.

Voting Process

First, take into consideration what the article is, its relevance, and the argument made against it. Decide whether you want to keep, delete, or even merge its content. After deciding, click the "carve" button next to the header for what you want to vote for. To vote, add a pound sign and your signature (# ~~~~) at the bottom of the list. The pound sign, when used consecutively, generates a number list that is used to keep track of the number of votes for each option. You can also leave a comment in the Comments section if you feel it necessary. No biased voting is permitted under any circumstances. What is meant by biased voting is any vote which is made for reasons other than your own personal convictions in regard to what should be done with the given article which is up for deletion. If you vote for an option because your friend did, a staff member did, or even because you just feel like voting, your vote would be considered biased. You should only vote in AfD because you have an actual internal opinion about the page or pages in question. Try to form your view about what should be done with a page based on practicalities and logic. Vote only if you have a reason that would stand up to scrutiny. It would be easy if the staff could simply ask for motives to get honest answers, but seeing as we're dealing with the Internet here, that's not a fool-proof method. As such, any vote that appears to the staff to be biased will be removed, no questions asked.

Articles that are Duplicates

The most common type of messed-up page. But these types of pages are a bit unusual, as you should not delete but redirect them. If one article is called Ice Blade and the other is titled IceBlade, one of these is a duplicate. Before putting up the deletion notice, find which one has less information. The article with less information will be considered the dupe. See directly below for what to do if you come across a duplicate.

Actions for Duplicates

If the article is a duplicate, read each article for information the other might be missing. Chose the appropriate article and move the information, if any, that page might be lacking from the "dupe". Redirect the page with the less text to the page with more text by doing the following: #REDIRECT [[ArticleName]]