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"Life is a highway, and there's always forks in the road." -Toa Ferron

Toa Ferron
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User Status Defending the mask of time from Rahkshi
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Location Jersey-Metru, U.S.A. Nui.
Gender Male
Favorite Set Lhikan,Takanuva

My name is Ferron

Hi, my names Ferron and I like BIONICLE my first set was "Tohunga" Huki (yeah didn't get a choice there) and my most recent set was Hydraxon. My favorite of all my Kanohi is my Vahi I got in a special Vahki set (sweet!), and I like Axonn (you just gotta love a guy with a giant axe!). I love the ocean which is why I was happy when I saw the 2007 storyline. I am very new at BS01 but like the job very much. I'm hoping in the near future I can make some major contribs. Until then, i'll help in any insignifigant ways I can.

Les Miserables

I am a huge Les Miserables fan. And no, I don't prefer Javert, I just notices a similarity between him and Hydraxon. The only difference if Hydraxon has morals, is biomechanical, and can breath underwater. And is chasing actually evil criminals. And has a rocket launcher. And boomerangs. And swords. And is 15 feet tall. And is not french. And is heavily armored. And-well I could go on for another thousand years, but the point is Hydraxon is cooler.

Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Yes, I'm also a fan of another famous piece of French literature:2K Leagues Under the Sea, explaining why I like the ocean. And the 2007 storyline. The only reason I'm not a Toa of water is because i'm a guy

Toa Ferron

Although no-one's asked. I'm going to tell you who Toa Ferron is anyway. He was a De-Matoran who lived under the watchful eye of Artakha. Then, one day, a group of Order of Mata Nui members asked him for help. He was given some toa power by Krakua and made into a Toa. He was hired as a servant of the Order. His first mission: go to Metru Nui, get the Vahi from Turaga Vakama, and protect it. After procuring the mask with no small amount of debate, he began to go into hiding. Then, sudenly a Vorahk with an immunity to elemental attacks attacked. at that instant he recieved a message from Helryx: he had been given an innate power by the order, which was a small amount of control over the Vahi. He used it to create a small temporal vortex, making time non-existant in a small area. The Vohrahk, being a tactical thinker, decided to find another way to retrieve the mask....


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88 Miles per hour!
Dr. Frankenstein I presume?

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