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Vezon in Bionicle Heroes

I am Zedzed hear me roar!!

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Favorite Set Maxilos & Spinax


Ok, if anyone cares, I've left the wiki...sorta. I check in every once in a while just too check the pronunciation of Hahlii or see what mah buddies are up too. But I haven't gone the BIONICLE Universe entirely. Now I'm in BZ-Koro! Don't worry, I'm still everyone's favourite caveman*! Check out my comedy while you're there.


  • I like Chick-Fil-a
  • I'm a little full of myself
  • Ok, I'm really full of myself
  • Favorite characters of all time are Vezon and Matoro
  • I'm not that interesting
  • My name, Zedzed, is named after a *caveman in my head named "Zed" And his motto is yelling his name at the top of his lungs Twice
  • I'm hungry
  • I'm always hungry
  • I think This is the best page on the wiki
  • I have a pet crocodile named "Craig"
  • I eat my soup with a fork
  • At this point I'm making things up
  • There is a total of 20,398 hairs on my head (Same as the number of pages on the wiki. Spooky coincidence, huh O_o)
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