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"Are you going to help, or play in the sand?"
Crotesius, Riddle of the Great Beings

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BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time most mornings, some afternoons
Online Jobs editor
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Nationality US of A
Character(s) Lewa
Set(s) Impossible
Color(s) Green
Food(s) Pizza&Steak

Okay, what do I test........

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Candok was a quiet, shy and slightly paranoid Le-Matoran who was created by the Great Beings to help construct Mata Nui. He was later damaged by a falling girder beam in Metru Nui and sent to Karzahni to be repaired. Unsuprisingly, he was never seen again, until he was sent to Voya Nui, in his weaker form. He was a loyal follower of Turaga Jovan, and grieved deeply at his and many other's, deaths during the Great Cataclysm. When the Piraka arrived at the Lagoon Entrance, Candok saw them arguing and instantly distrusted them. He decided to begin living outside of the village, and barely escaped before the Piraka enslaved the village. He witnessed the battle between the Piraka and Toa Nuva, but from a distance. Not knowing what to do, he hid in a cave until discovered by the Voya Nui Resistance Team member Velika. Having some skill at riddles, he was able to translate enough gibberish to understand that the Piraka had fought another Toa team and now were underground looking for some powerful Kanohi. Candok returned to the Matoran village and later took shelter in the caves below the island with the other matoran, for the return to the Southern Continent and later to Metru Nui. Once there, he participated in the the celebration of Mata Nui's return until Makuta Teridax revealed himself.

Lewaswingin.PNG Yep, this user likes Lewa.

CGI Ga-Metru Classroom.png Candokid gives this to Toa Obitor for being another homeschooler.

Kongu Inika.PNG This user's favorite Toa Inika was Kongu.

Kongu Inika.PNG Candokid gives this to Toa Obitor for being his friend.

Set Kongu Matoran.png This user's favorite Matoran was Kongu.

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Meeting of Toa Mata Pohatu and Onua.png The Toa Cykron Friendship Award
This award goes to Candokid for becoming Cykron's friend.

Lewa Mata Set.png The Candokid Friendship Award
This is given to Eryzeth for helping me out, and more importantly, kindly putting up with my n00bishness in being my friend. Thanks a whole lot! You've earned it!