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This article is about single weapons. You may be looking for variations of dual swords.
CGI Fire Sword.png Toa Mata Tahu's Fire Sword

CGI Ice Sword.png Toa Mata Kopaka's Ice Sword

Air Sword.PNG Toa Lesovikk's Air Sword

Energized Ice Sword.png Toa Inika Matoro's Energized Ice Sword

Sonic Vibration Sword.png Toa Krakua's Sonic Vibration Sword

PowerSword.png Toa Mahri Jaller's Power Sword

Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword.png The Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword used by Maxilos robots

Set Mata Nui's Sword.png Mata Nui's sword

Set Flame Sword.PNG Ackar's Flame Sword

Energized Fire Sword.png Toa Inika Jaller's Energized Flame Sword