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About me

I am an 18 (almost 19) year old guy who used to come here on a regular basis several years ago (around 2008-2010 I guess), when Bionicle was still alive and well. I left right before Bionicle was axed in 2010. By then I'd mostly lost interest in Bionicle yet I was still saddened when it was killed off. I also used to have pretty much every Bionicle set from 2001 to 2006 or so but most of those have since gone to the nether regions of outer space... (In other words: They've been lost for a pretty long time.)

Nowadays I do computer repair work and I am also a brony. (Don't shoot me, please!) I play a lot of TF2, Garry's Mod, and some other games. I am also about to head off to college hoping to major in computer science. That's really about it for me. I'm glad to see that this place is still going. I only came back because I didn't want to have a user page that was broken beyond all belief. =P

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My Friends:

Random quotes preserved from years past

Cholie to Bfahome

"Riddles are a plenty, and puzzles are a blast, but when you learn the secret, how many of you will last?"

"Swert is our leader. Our only leader."
Cholie to the most evilest person I have ever seen

"What kind of leader protects his own user page? He would hear the words of the people. This one won't."
Mr. V

"Don't let Swert or Toa V's evil schemes deceive your mind. Staying neutral is the wisest action to take, seeing as both Swert and V are both insane maniacs."
Bioran And I actually agree on this comment.

"I miss the time before time. :P"

"We are sorry for the convenience, but account creation has been disabled until further notice."
— Cholie

"So I guess now we need articles on clouds and rocks too?"
ET on an AFD