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User Status Alive
BZPower Username Terakk
BZPower Status Mata Nuian Protector Nuva
Location Between a rock and a hard place
Gender Male
Favorite Set Axalara T9

I am Terakk.


I am a member of the BZPower fansite, a Toa of Air, and a huge fan of BIONICLE. One of my main achievements was designing Nuparu's Aqua Blaster Blade, which he later used in Mahri Nui.


I have the powers of air and stone, to a certain extent. I currently wear a Great Katama, a mask with the powers of a Kadin and Kakama combined, which I found while on my way to Destral on a mission. I gave my old mask, a Zatth, to a Toa of Sonics who happened to be in that area. Due to a malfunction with my Toa stone, I have gained a portion of elemental light power in addition to my existing air element.

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x1:Provide A Quote
Remove a "Needquote" template by making a patrolled edit providing/restoring a quote.

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x1:Rewrite Article
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The Omega Award
This award was givin to Terakk For wanting a reward!

Toa omega | Talk | Fire Deafeats All.

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Won Aqua Blaster Blade Contest
Win the ABB contest.
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The Canon Award

Congrats, you have found a way to hypnotise Greg Farshtey, bending his will to your own, and made your own Bionicle Canon. Always remember to be cautious in using your powers, and only for the power of enjoyment.

Set Makuta Bitil.png A10's Award
This award has been presented to Terakk because he won the KanohiJournal Aqua Blaster Blade contest.

A10 (My Talk/My Contribs) 13:35, 10 September 2008 (PDT)


"Anyone can edit this and put new quotes." -- Terakk

"Where wisdom and valor fail, all that remains is faith. And it can overcome all." -- Tahu

"Who I am is my business. Staying out of my way is yours." -- Hydraxon

Vakama muttered something that would have gotten him kicked out of a Ga-Metru school, which seemed to amuse Makuta. -- Time Trap

"They all decided to jump into the water and have a swim. At the same time. Imagine that?" -- Takadox

"Yes, you're right, they want the mask. But they can't have it, can they? Oh no, it's's ours. Without it, what would we have to talk about? Our friendship is based on the mask, after all. Remember what is was like before? My trying to spear you, and your trying to devour me...not at all how friends should behave." -- Vezon

"Quite a collection. I prefer sea-shells, myself. Sometimes leaves. Oh, and the heads of my enemies, though those take up so much space." -- Vezon

"AAAAHHHH!!!! THE CODE FOR MY SIGNATURE DOESN'T WORK!!! External Image--Terakk (Talk/Contributions) Oh, there. It worked." -- Terakk

"Try to run, at any time, and friends of mine will hunt you down – friends who make me look like a big, cuddly Ussal crab." -- Brutaka

"What's wrong with trying to see a front view of a zamor getting launched?" -- Terakk


These are my userboxes.

Rahi Frost Beetle.png This user believes Frost Beetles are in the Nintendo DS Bionicle Heroes but nobody will believe me!!!
Thepitwartortoise.png This user thinks the Pit War Tortoise is just plain creepy.
External Image This user supports the Karda Nui BS01 Skin. BATTLE FOR POWER!
LogoVoya.png This user supports the Voya Nui Skin. YO YO PIRAKA!
Po-Matoran.PNG This user joined the riot! DOWN WITH TERIDAX!!! MATA NUI WILL RETURN!
Vican.png This user likes Vican.
LoMN Matoran Jaller With Broken Noble Kanohi Komau.PNG This user was careless and broke his mask.
LoMN Matoran Kongu with Nidhiki and Krekka.PNG This user loves Kongu Metru!.
Disk Surfing.png This user loves Disk Surfing!.
Animation Pridak.png This user insists his Bionicle sets are alive and everyone thinks I'm crazy!!!.
Axalara T9-Adapted Kanohi Miru Nuva.PNG This user loves to fly.
VNOLG Master Nektann.png This user likes to smash those for fun.
VNOLG Air Burnak.png This user has a tamed Air Burnak.
ORAC Achievement.png This user RAWX
Noimage.jpg This user owns Bionicle Heroes PC but I lost the box!.
Midak.PNG This user has a... Midak.
BH Kanohi Aki.png This user likes shiny things.
BH Copper Huna of Victory.png This user owns!.
Bionicle.comjuly2008.png This user never wastes time.
Nireta.png This user thinks Nireta is cute.