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Earth Being
Kanohi Kraahkan
Powers Anxiety
Writing backwards
Tools Wacom Intuos Pro, Ableton Live, Blender
Status Alive, Infected
Location Kansas City, Kansas
Pronunciation ES-ihn-jer

Hi! I'm Essenger (formerly known as Terakk), a musician, animator, graphic designer, aspiring voice actor, and dedicated BIONICLE fan since 2002.

About Me


Some may know me as the creator of Toa Mahri Nuparu's Aqua Blaster Blade, canonized by Greg Farshtey in KanohiJournal's building contest. My primary passion and career is music, thanks to Cryoshell inspiring me in 2007 to start writing my own songs. I also love making Bionicle animations and renders with 3D software, and am currently working on a project to bring various location from the Matoran Universe to virtual reality platforms such as VRChat and NeosVR. I'm also working on recreating some of the lost MNOG music in high quality, and record character voices in some of the cutscenes. I run several Bionicle meme pages in my spare time and love interacting with the community and other creators, so feel free to talk to me on any of the platforms I'm active on, including the BS01 Discord!


Fav Quotes

"Each set sold separately"
Tony Wedgwood

"We didn't come all this way ... fight all these fights ... just to lose. Now let's Free The Band."
Jaller (citation needed)

"Mata Nui protect us-- the gang is on the loose.."
Balta, BIONICLE Ignition #1 (citation needed)


Animation Maxilos Using Cordak Blaster.png
The Canon Award

Congrats, you have found a way to hypnotise Greg Farshtey, bending his will to your own, and made your own Bionicle Canon. Always remember to be cautious in using your powers, and only for the power of enjoyment.


In the name of cringe I'm just gonna leave these up from ages ago, so scroll at your own discretion C:

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Thepitwartortoise.png This user thinks the Pit War Tortoise is just plain creepy.
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Po-Matoran.PNG This user joined the riot! DOWN WITH TERIDAX!!! MATA NUI WILL RETURN!
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LoMN Matoran Jaller With Broken Noble Kanohi Komau.PNG This user was careless and broke his mask.
LoMN Matoran Kongu with Nidhiki and Krekka.PNG This user loves Kongu Metru!.
Disk Surfing.png This user loves Disk Surfing!.
Nireta.png This user thinks Nireta is cute.
VNOLG Master Nektann.png This user likes to smash those for fun.
VNOLG Air Burnak.png This user has a tamed Air Burnak.
ORAC Achievement.png This user RAWX
Noimage.jpg This user owns Bionicle Heroes PC but I lost the box!.
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