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"I have seen those kind of chains before. They grow and shrink with him. They feed on his own power and use it to hold him."
Lariska to the rest of the Federation of Fear members, Federation of Fear

Lukas Exemplar/Sandbox
Manufacturer Unknown
Users Krika (formerly)
Function Entrap
Feed on and drain a being's power/energy
Grow and shrink with a being
Status In use
Location Artidax[1]

Weakening Chains are metal chains that feed on the power of whoever they shackle do that you are too weak to break free of them on your own. They will also grow or shrink with a being when they do to accommodate size changes, making it impossible for shapeshifters to break free of them by growing in size.[2][3]


It is unknown who creates the Weakening Chains.

The Makuta, Miserix, was shackled with Weakening Chains in his prison on Artidax for 79,100 years,[2][3] until they were broken by Brutaka and the rest of the Federation of Fear around 16 months ago.[4][5][6][3]


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