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""Very deep-impressive," said the Toa. "You will be remembered in legends as Reidak, defeater of doors.""
Lewa Nuva to Reidak, Dark Destiny

User Status Alive
BZPower Username Lesovikk97
BZPower Status Encountering Protodermis
Location The Pit
Gender Male
Favorite Set Axalara T9

--Lesovikk97 19:33, 10 July 2008 (PDT)

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"Little one, I am Makuta Miserix. I am no one's pawn. I am no one's ally. And I am no one's fool!!"
— Miserix to Roodaka, Federation of Fear

"Mercy isn't a sign of weakness, Gorast, but of wisdom."
— Gali, Swamp of Shadows

"He never thought he was a true Toa-hero...But he turned out to be the greatest of us all."
Kongu, Death of a Hero

"...being a Toa isn't about who's strongest or toughest or has the best mask power. It's about spirit. And by that measure, you are a great Toa."
Jaller, Downfall

"Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people - people he's never met before, and who don't know his name - can live."
Hahli after Matoro's death, Downfall

"Personally, I am not big on swimming – some friends of mine went for a swim, I heard, and now they look like sea snakes, just a head and a spine. And I have no spine, so I would be just a head, and-"
— Vezon, Federation of Fear


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