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Toa Iceter Phantoka
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Title Toa of Ice
Element Ice
Primary Group Toa
Mask Mask of Incineration
Tools Midak Skyblaster, Twin Longwsord.
Status Alive
Pronunciation ICE-ter


Iceter is an MOC that I made. I've drawn him on a sheet of paper and he is a Metru Nui Toa in the Fanfic I'm writing.

Other thingies....XD

  • Iceter's mask apparently has Elemental Power, because Bioran23's Toa (Nobrai) had the element of Incineration. Also, I want to make sure that everyone knows that Iceter's mask only works on INANIMATE OBJECTS!!!!!! Not that anyone said least as far as I know...
  • [1] (This isn't mine, but read it anyway) XD.
  • Thanks, Cholie and Shine for helping me out and deleting my template for my sig and my sandbox. P.S. And before you ask, no, this is not sarcastic.
  • I like to sprite!
  • I hate not being able to contribute enough to the community in exchange for hosting this userpage. =( This is all IMO.
User Status Using Photoshop and Paint
BZPower Username Iceter
BZPower Status Armored Protector
Location BS01
Gender Male
Favorite Set Krika


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"My Duty is to the Mask Of Shadows"

"Don't archive it!"
Lhikan, giving Whenua his Toa Stone

"Don't break it."
— Lhikan, giving Matau his Toa Stone

"What's he doing?""Great Beings preserve us.....he's going to go Nova! And if he does, he'll kill us all!"
Nuparu and Hahli, talking about Jaller's decision to perform a Nova Blast

"Keetongu!" "The Key to Nongu?"
Norik and Onewa Hordika

"I joined, added spoilers too early, got warned and lived noobishly ever after. THE END."

— Me,after adding someone's userpage on top of my page, then getting rid of it in the same edit that I put this quote in! *Eye twitches* <_>

"Exo: Cooool, Half Hero, Half Beast, Half Human, Half Toa, Half Malky, All Cool. XD Me: That's too many halves. XD"
— Me and Exo on Gabbly.

— Helryx, to Takanuva

"You will listen, and you will hear!"
— Helryx

"Are all fire types like you? Or are you just uniquely an idiot?"
— Kopaka to Tahu

"Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?"
— Tahu to Krika

"I was Makuta Krika, my name whispered in Legends throughout half the known Universe"
— Krika


More to be added (Possibly)


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