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"If you ask nicely, I might tell you"
Toa Lewa (Generation 2), in 2015

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Hello there. I'm a newer member of this wiki, but a long time BIONICLE fan. Since BIONICLE is coming back in 2015, I thought joining now would be a good time to become a contributor to BS01, since new info will be rolling in every day, and I love to see accurate BIONICLE info available to everyone!


I was too young to remember the 2001-2003 era of BIONICLE, but I did manage to play with some that my older brother had. The first set I had ever bought was Toa Onewa from 2004, and a red Vahki.

I eventually got really into BIONICLE in the 2006 era, which is mine and my brother's biggest year of collecting BIONICLE. I was finally old enough to understand the story, and I was fascinated by the evil Piraka and the heroes called the Toa Inika. Years followed, and I kept getting more and more sets, until BIONICLE ended in 2010.

But 2010 was not the end for me. After Joruney's End, I didn't stop playing with them. I took them apart, and made my own heroes and adventures, which you can find on my Custom BIONICLE page.

I am very exited with the return of BIONICLE, and I hope to see that the Generation 2 BIONICLE lives up to the first generation of BIONICLE. When the first wave of character came out for 2015, I collected all the sets. I'm also planning on getting the next wave, as well!

Stuff about myself

I am a teen-ager who, like most people on this wiki, LOVE Bionicle. I also take interests in drawing, reading (which I'll do with the new BIONICLE books), writing, and other activities (but not sports. I'll get my exercise from MNOGII Kohlii).

I also like Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, MARVEL comics, and destruction sometimes the Mario series. But BIONICLE is one of my biggest interests.

Whenever people ask what my favorite fandom is, I say BIONICLE. Then they wonder what the heck BIONICLE is, and I have to explain it to them, and they think I'm weird for liking such a strange idea about robotic guys coming out of canisters to defeat a guy who is Master of the Shadows. But I guess that's what makes me unique.

I'm enjoying the new BIONICLE story. It may not be as big as the original, but I kind of like that. I definitively like the more mythological feel for BIONICLE.

Opinion on BIONICLE generation 2 so far

One thing that bothers me is that a lot of people don't like BIONICLE 2015! They're prejudice against the story and the sets, but that's because they won't take off their nostalgia goggles and look at how good it's getting.

The sets are marvelous! They're a good combination of function and pose-ability, and all of them have personality. The CCBS is fine on them, and the new weapons and masks are sweet. I don't think I have a least-favorite set for 2015 so far (well, besides Skull Scorpio). The people who hate these sets most of the time are prejudice against CCBS and changes for BIONICLE, which is sad, because they're great sets.

The story is great. I've been reading all I can on the 2015 BIONICLE stuff. The magazines, the videos, the website. From what I can tell, the lore is turning out great, and it'll expand later on. The book really helped out with understanding more on the new BIONICLE story, and gave much more personality to the Protectors, which I appreciate. The Skull Villains kinda feel like a wasted potential, though.

OH MY GOSH JOURNEY TO ONE WAS AMAZING. Definitely one of the best pieces of media for BIONICLE Generation 2 so far, besides the impossibly-difficult Mask of Control game. Umarak is also my favorite BIONICLE villain.

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  • I have Asperger's syndrome.
  • Former TTV Moderator named Chronicler.
  • I'm an avid supporter of Generation 2 BIONICLE.