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"You make me laugh. You look...serious"
— My friend on MSN

"Destruction is in the nature of humans"
— Unknown

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BS01 Status Ain't gonna write 'cuz I always forgot to update it
Usual Online Time when I log in
BZP Name Millennium
BZP Status descending into protodermis
Online Jobs student, editor, poster
Age 14
Gender male
Height 1,66 m
Nationality italian
Character(s) The Element Lords
Set(s) Kardas Dragon (even as I don't have it)
Color(s) black and blue
Food(s) Pizza
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That's me, folks! The userpage you've been waiting (none of you ever wanted this page) for ages!

About me

I'm Millennium, and I'm italian (Pizza!). Of things you may need/want to know are: I respect everything and everyone, I'm one who cares for the world, I'm against wars, racism, pollution and such, but I also think that Earth is doomed. I'm one that when begins to talk, never stops. I'm pretty smart, and strong. I would post a photo of my arm muscles if it would help me in any way. I'm the best student in english of my school. I also have a likeness for prehistory, and have many books about it and dinosaurs. I'm also registered on the Tube under the name of TeridaxOverMillennia (don't ask me why I chose that name) but I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Other than BIONICLE I like LEGO City and Space and used to like Knights Kingdom and Exo-Force (used because they don't exist anymore). Other likenesses besides LEGO are:

  • Metal: It rocks, Disturbed rocks.
  • my cats: I have a lot, and I can have a lot because I live in countryside: actually they're 12.
  • The Nintendo DS: the only console I have.
  • Metal: It rocks, Disturbed rocks.
  • Bike riding: I go very far and very fast on bike.
  • Cooking: It's pleasant when you eat something you made yourself.
  • Did I say Metal? Really, it rocks, Disturbed rocks.


I first met with a BIONICLE in 2002. It was a Pahrak. I asked my parents to buy me a LEGO toy. And they returned with a Pahrak. Next I bought Pahrak Va and Pohatu Nuva. However, since LEGO Magazine and the Bionicle books weren't sold (and still aren't) in Italy and I didn't have a computer at that time I never got to know the true BIONICLE story. Even as I got a computer in 2004, I lacked the english knowledge to know something out of the Bionicle site and I didn't know of BZP and BS01 since 2007 when I finally knew everything of the story. While now I'm no more in sets I'm still in the story, and always hoping that TLC will sell Bionicle books in Italy.


Uhmm...I must say I don't rememebr when I registered, but what cares is that I am, right? Although I didn't contributedin any way in the first time, when I began to, they were small edits, either grammar or spelling errors. I didn't care about what was going on on the site, the other members, this userpage, only in editing. Now I've improved (you can see from this userpage) and I'm more than willing to have friends (and maybe recieve some awards XD).


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 |_¯¯¯|  | = ||
 | \ | -- |= |
 \__\|-||-|= ||

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