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BPG Barraki Kalmah With Frying Pan.PNG
BS01 Status N00b
Usual Online Time Icon Mysterious.png
BZP Name
BZP Status
Online Jobs
Age 15
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Character(s) Mata Nui
Set(s) Mata Nui(canister)
Color(s) Gold
Food(s) pineapple
matoran element(based on epic) shadow
matoran location(based on epic) the seas near Metru Nui
matoran kanohi(based on epic) black matoran Tryna
BH Kanohi of Elemental Energy.png This user's favorite Kanohi is the Mask of Elemental Energy.
Image-Axlara T9.png This user's other ride is a flying refrigerator.
Set Makuta Krika.jpg This user's favorite Makuta is Krika.
BPG Barraki Kalmah With Frying Pan.PNG This user has a frying pan and isn't afraid to use it.
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG This user supports something with his foam finger. Go (insert team of your choice here)!
94' This User was born in 1994.

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Gralev (matoran)

Gralev is the main charecter in my upcoming epic. He is a rare Kra-Matoran. He has limmited control over shadow and has result of his ties to shadow, he requiers a unique crystal to siphon out his dark emotions. He is currently bound for Metru-Nui.

Gralev (person)

Gralev as a user has been a fan of bionicle to the begining. He has sets from every year. His favorite set is the Mata Nui canister set.