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"I ones made a Bionicle paperwork, with help of BS01. Now I joined, so I can help others to do the same."
— Dinoman82


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About me

I am a Bionicle fan since 2001/2002. Since then I discovered Bzpower and not later even Biosector01. Then I was sold! So much information, I never deared to join to edit until today, 4-06-2008.


At Bzpower I am also known as Dinoman82. At Bzpower I am most active in Storyline and Theories now a days. Former Topics I was active in was the Art Topic ( I still draw, although not that many anymore about Bionicle). And I also was very active in the Games section in my first year at Bzpower, because I was one of the Judges of the Lava Surfing Competition and the designer of the Le Wahi Lava Course.

These a days I am joining the Art Contests, and the Xia weapon contest. I am also active in the official Greg Discussion Topic.

What I am working on or worked on

I am or have been working on a few pages who could need a lot of information, first I started with Roodaka and Sidorak. Later Dume followed and my newest major contribution is to Gorast. Although it has also been changed in better grammar sentences by others, since English is not my native language, forming sentences can sometime be a small problem.

Major Contributions.

- Gorast

- Roodaka (added a lot of info from Web of Shadows and Ba8)

- Sidorak (added a lot info from Web of Shadows and Ba8)

- Turaga Dume.

- Metru Nui (added subsections and added context)

- Tren Krom Peninsula.

- Brotherhood of Makuta.

Medium Edits

- Toa/Turaga Onewa.

- Helryx.

Minor Edits

- Rahaga Pouks.

- Boxor.

- Takua/Takanuva.

- Photok.

- Karzahni.

- Bahrag.

- Lhikan.

- Voporak.

- Lariska.

- Vezon.

- Krika.

- Bitil.

- Lesovikk.

- Spiriah.

- Toa Mata.

- Kojol.

- Vamprah.

- Chirox.

- Daxia.

- And a few others.


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"White light text spoiler police."
— Dinoman82


I am a great Rikku fan, look my avatar. I also like the Final Fantasy Characters Ahse, and the Judge Magisters. I will be gone and offline for a while. About 2 a 3 weeks.