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"They keep me locked up in this cage, can't you see it's why my brain says, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!"
— James Hetfield


User Status Who cares?
BZPower Username Same as here except without the periods.
BZPower Status Inhabitant
Location ???
Gender Male
Favorite Set Reidak


Bran.d.panz is the nickname of a half-insane mutated Earth-controlling Skakdi named Halfar who is a member of the OoMN and somehow hacked into the systems of Metru Nui, Destral, Artakha, Mahri Nui, and Odina, although no one knows how. He is responsible for destroying the half-complete Dark Hunter fortress on Odina just as they were rebuilding it after Pohatu blew it up with a timed Stone blast. He is also the reason why Reidak has a third eye.

Halfar controls earth (amazingly, he can. He carries a large thing that looks like a frying pan and also rides a vehicle.

No not really.

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