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Okay, I didn't realize they weren't on BS01, but I have the English translations I got from a variety of sources. I can confirm they are legitimate and perfectly mesh with the story. I just e-mailed Bman and Swert's Gmail with the text. If you guys want me to post them on this page, I will go right ahead. It would be the biggest page on BS01, but it could happen. Lord Nektann

Swert has given the go-ahead via WLM. So it's a go, Lord Nektann
Awesome! Thanks Nektann, I've never even heard of this story before, so this is completely new to me. --~Toanicky 20:40, 29 December 2012 (PST)

Improved tranlsation

Hey, I've got an edited version of this translation that I think is clearer and reads better (this one was good, but definitely still rough in places). Would it be okay for me to edit this page to reflect my cleaned-up translation? Is there someone I should email it to first for approval? (The preceding unsigned comment was made by TuragaNuva)

I think it's a good idea by the way. Anyone else, @Swert, @Dorek, @Morris? — SurelNuva (Talk) 20:54, 28 August 2017 (CET)
Could you put it on BIONICLEsector01:Sandbox? (Hit edit, add =The Crossing= at the very bottom of the page, then put the translation beneath it.) -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 20:58, 28 August 2017 (CET)
TuragaNuva inserted it into our sandbox. Shall we update the page? — SurelNuva (Talk) 23:36, 8 September 2017 (CET)

Just popping in to say I haven't forgotten about this. Unfortunately I haven't had time to read the new translation. (I actually haven't read the original translation either.) If a couple other people read through it and can vouch for it, it should be fine to add. -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 09:25, 9 September 2017 (CET)

I read through most of it (though maybe not from a copy-editing standpoint =P) but it seems fine. It's impossible to say a translation is ever going to be 100% accurate, but this feels close enough to the source material and style from which it's derived. As long as there are no major grammatical flaws or whatever, I'm fine with it. -- Dorek Talk External Image 19:26, 9 September 2017 (CET)


Is it legal to include the full story in the article, considering that it was published in books rather than online? The same question applies to Birth of a Dark Hunter. BlueSwede92 (talk) 00:48, 29 October 2017 (UTC)

It's not ILLEGAL, per se. If Scholastic AMEET issued a takedown notice we would comply, but we have LEGO's blessing for certain things like the short stories (whole books are another matter). -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:03, 29 October 2017 (UTC)
I see. How about the full "diaries" in Makuta's Guide to the Universe and Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna? BlueSwede92 (talk) 20:08, 29 October 2017 (UTC)
Those are fairly integral to the overall book, so I would say there isn't really a need for it (all relevant material/summaries being on the pages themselves, and wherever else). If they were a sequential story, maybe, but it's really just the guide books being written in first person. -- Dorek Talk External Image 20:37, 29 October 2017 (UTC)