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"Keetongu is a most honorable creature, and skilled in the ways of venoms."
Rahaga Norik, Web of the Visorak
Comic Keetongu.PNG
Rahi specimen
Powers Antidote production[2]
Absorbed Rhotuka power
Status Alive; last of his kind
Location Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation KEE-tahn-GOO
Set number 8755

Keetongu is the last remaining member of his intelligent Rahi species, and has an extensive knowledge of poisons and antidotes.


Keetongu originally came from an island where his species and the Tahtorak lived together, with the giant Tahtorak being a steed for the simian Rahi.[C26] At some point, their island was plagued by the Visorak, and most members of Keetongu's species were killed. Keetongu migrated to Metru Nui, where his presence went unnoticed for centuries.[citation needed]
Keetongu as seen in Web of Shadows

Keetongu was believed to be only a myth by many, including Iruini,[C23] but was found to actually exist when the Toa Hordika discovered him in his Ko-Metru Hideaway. Keetongu was convinced to aid them by both conversation with Rahaga Norik and observation of the Toa's arguments and concern for Vakama, who had defected. During the Battle of Metru Nui, Keetongu scaled the side of the Coliseum in an attempt to fight Sidorak and Roodaka. While Keetongu was still climbing, Sidorak fired several blasts from his Herding Blade, but continuously missed. Roodaka then fired a pair of blasts from her Catcher Claws that destroyed Keetongu's claw tool and knocked him off the wall of the Coliseum. Keetongu was more angry than hurt, as Sidorak discovered when Roodaka convinced him to go down and check on the fallen Rahi, Keetongu then got to his feet and killed Sidorak, whom Roodaka abandoned to his fate. After the battle, Keetongu felt that the Toa Hordika were worthy of his power, and changed them back to Toa Metru. He later helped the Toa and Rahaga load some Matoran Spheres into airships.[BA9][B3:WoS]

When Vakama returned to Metru Nui to retrieve the Vahi, Keetongu sensed the presence of Makuta Teridax and followed him and Vakama to Ga-Metru, where he fought Teridax outside the Great Temple. During the course of the battle, his Rhotuka spinner compartment was sealed shut and he was knocked unconscious. Keetongu managed to survive the encounter thanks to an explosion (caused by Vakama's battle with Sentrakh) that knocked Teridax away.[BA10] Keetongu later recovered from his wounds.[citation needed]
Keetongu fighting Roodaka and Sidorak

Keetongu chose to stay in Metru Nui while the Toa Metru, now Turaga, and the Matoran lived on the island of Mata Nui, and helped to rebuild the city.[citation needed] About 500 years after the Matoran left, Keetongu sensed a band of Visorak approaching Metru Nui. He warned Norik before rushing to confront them. Keetongu took on twenty Visorak at once, and was nearing defeat before the Rahaga and Turaga Dume joined him. The Rahaga and Dume fended off the Visorak for a few minutes, before Keetongu recovered and released the power he had absorbed from the spinners, defeating a great deal of the Visorak. The city's caretakers then returned to the Coliseum.[TDR] Keetongu eventually left Metru Nui to save victims of the Visorak on other islands.[citation needed]

Keetongu allied with the Order of Mata Nui after being promised that the Visorak would be eliminated. He went with Helryx to the island of Nynrah, and from there accompanied the Order leader to another island just north of his homeland, where they discovered the Energized Protodermis Entity. After a confrontation, the pair was threatened with destruction when the Protodermis unleashed a tidal wave of itself towards them.[DW, Ch. 7] A portal accidentally created by Vezon opened behind Keetongu and Helryx just before the wave hit them, and the two jumped into the portal.[DW, Ch. 8] They were transported to the Core Processor, where they met the Toa Hagah and Makuta Miserix, and shortly thereafter, Axonn and Brutaka.[DID, Ch. 8] The group heard Teridax speaking to them, who shattered Brutaka's Olmak and appeared to slay Zaktan. Miserix tried to attack Teridax, but was stopped by Brutaka, who explained that they were within the mind of Mata Nui himself. After Teridax trapped Miserix in a powerful illusion, he banished Keetongu, Brutaka and Axonn to the Southern Islands.[DID, Ch. 9] Keetongu discovered that Makuta had recreated the Visorak horde, and began to combat them.[1]

When the universe was damaged and Teridax killed by Mata Nui, Keetongu immigrated to Spherus Magna, along with other surviving denizens.[1]

Abilities and Traits

Keetongu scaling the Coliseum, as seen in Web of Shadows

Keetongu has the power to produce any anti-venom or antidote as long as he is familiar with the relevant toxin.[2] He has knowledge of many antidotes, including one to cure Hordika Venom. However, he cannot cure those who have been fully mutated.[BA9, p. 69]

Keetongu in combat

Keetongu's large eye is actually not his true eye; he has a real pair of eyes hidden behind it. He can use the fake eye to see the spiritual light and darkness of a creature, and therefore judge whether or not they are worthy of his allegiance and power. If he meets a being of darkness, he will usually attack them on sight, for his goodly nature is provoked to rage by such a being.[BA10, p. 92] He also possesses tremendous strength, rivaling that of a Makuta.[BA10, p. 97] Keetongu is extremely durable as well, able to survive a fall from near the top of the Coliseum.[B3:WoS]


Keetongu wields Whirling Shields which are capable of absorbing any force used against him. Once that force is absorbed, his Rhotuka can fire that force back at his opponent.[BA10, p. 93] His other main offensive weapon is a blade-like claw tool that he can use as a weapon or as a sort of pickaxe to assist him in climbing.[B3:WoS] Both the claw and his Rhotuka launcher were damaged during his battles on Metru Nui.[BA10] The Rhotuka launcher has since been repaired.[citation needed]

Set Information

The Keetongu set

8755 Keetongu was released as a set in the summer of 2005. His set included a bright red Rhotuka spinner. A lock on his chest armor allowed one to open his chest cavity and fire a Rhotuka spinner as in the story. His whirling shields could be spun with an axle on his right arm, and their area increased as they spun and decreased when they became still. The set contained 201 pieces which could be combined with the pieces of 8761 Roodaka to create the Shadowed One, the pieces of 8758 Sidorak to create Sentrakh, or the pieces of both Sidorak and Roodaka to create Voporak.


"It is only right. A legendary Rahi must meet a legendary death, after all."
— Roodaka, Web of Shadows
"Keetongu cannot start a battle on your behalf, but he can aid those loyal to the Three Virtues. In fact, doing so is his sworn Duty."
Rahaga Norik, Web of Shadows


Keetongu firing his Rhotuka spinner


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