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I WAS A N00B WHEN I CREATED THIS PAGE! You have been warned.

Toa Crowzon/Old UP
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BS01 Status RaNdOm... If i told you that i'd have to kill you... (awesome quote :D)
Usual Online Time Not :(
BZP Name Toa Crowzon
BZP Status Every now and then
Online Jobs none
Age 15
Gender male
Height about 180cm :P (Thats roughly 5' 9" for all you Americans out there (I think))
Nationality English

Random Stuff

LOOK! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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/\SOME BOHROKZ I MADE DOING RANDOM BALLET ST00F!!!!1!!!!2!!!!!one!!!11!!!!23!!!!!3.14159265!!!!!

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/\ Thanks Iggy!

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/\ Thanks JMSOG!

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/\ My original sprite, thanks Zaxaz!

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/\ Yay Obitor :P

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/\ I made Lewa Nuva in gold armour, MNOLG style!

My SandLand!

Important BIONICLE Quiz!

/\That website there, my friend, will take you to the most concise bionicle quiz on Sporcle! AND I MADE IT! :D


"I has Epic Ninja Skillz!"
— Me, to my friend at church

— Molly Weasley to Bellatrix Lestrange, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

— Ron Weasley to Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Lewa Nuva Symbol.png This user is fanatic about the element of air!
Set Kopaka Nuva.png BURN STUFF!!!!!THIS USER IS A PYROMANIAC!!!!!!!!lol watch this >>>>>> video

Lehvak-Kal.png This user likes acid.

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I Added That! This User Has Contributed To JMSOG's Dictionary of Abbreviations
External Image This user has Norwegian ancestry.

Ye olde mata nui adventure game thumbnail.PNG This user thinks should bring all the old games back. :(

LoMN Matoran Matau And Vakama Meeting.PNG Toa Crowzon has been given this UB for reading Zale's whole UP!


Toa Crowzon has given Toa Crowzon this award because Toa Crowzon has been kind to Toa Crowzon, and Toa Crowzon has asked to become friends with Toa Crowzon. (He's hard to become friends with!)

-Toa Crowzon External Image

This dude thinks Toa Crowzon should have this, because Toa Crowzon squirted something and then whacked a matoran. l0l! External Image/Talk/External Image

/\ From me!

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teh warriors award

This award has ben given to Toa Crowzon for liking the warriors series

/\ From Oratam!

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The Orka award
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Orka likes Toa Crowzon

Award giver award
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Nuparu.png The Nuparu1995 Approval Award
This award has been granted to Toa Crowzon for randomly approaching me with an award, and for being a good friend. May you continue to bring Wiki-Nui much joy!


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Set Makuta Krika.png Josheek55 friend award
This award has been given to you for being my friend.

Feel free to put this on your page-Josheek55

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Acid Bohrok.PNG Toa Obitor gives Toa Crowzon this Award/Userbox for being his friend. Keep it up!

Quote: 'From one toa to another XD!' - Obitor

/\ From Obitor!

Super-Special Birthday Award!

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(Nothing to do with Nuparu1995's Super-Special Birthday Award)

So, Toa Crowzon my friend, today is your birthday.

Celebration time! I guess you are twelve right? Well, remebmber that parties like this only exist one time
a year. So, enjoy your birthday my friend! External Image

/\ from Dark Light (gave for my 12th bday)

Papercutz Hydraxon.jpg Friendship Award
This award goes to Toa Crowzon for being my friend.External Image

/\ from Biocryptid21!


/\ from Iggy!

External Image Special Friendship Award only for Toa Crowzon
This award has been granted to Toa Crowzon for being one my greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. Go ahead and post this on your page.

~Twilight Avenger~ talk | awards

/\ Twilav :)

My Sets

Pohatu Phantoka

Kopaka Phantoka

Karzahni (Mahri Nui) with trap and matoran


Matau Metru

Matau Hordika


Mata Nui


Norik and Iruini Toa Hagah Toys 'R' Us bundle

(Waaah! NO CROWZON!)

All Toa Mata (-Kopaka)

All Toa Nuva (+Takanuva and Ussanui)

All Bohrok and Bohrok Kal

All Rahkshi

All Toa Metru

Jaller (Matoran)(With blue Komau instead of normal yellow Hau as I lost it and couldn't find a red Komau.)

I can't remember any of my others, although I do have other lego sets...


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Orka,toaofstoneExternal Image

oratamsaivor of mata nuitestin on and on and onmy histiory 13:02, 4 August 2009 (UTC)



--External ImageZale Toa Of PlantLife- ~Lets Chat!~

KingNocturnIgnika(Maily,Extras) 00:44, 28 August 2009 (UTC)


External ImageExternal ImageMaster of Life and Death

External ImageMy talkpage-My sandbox

Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air Talk | Contribs


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Happy Explosion DayExternal Image

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The Real life me

I am a 15 year old boy from Swindon, England with 2 brothers and a sister. I like Pokemon, BIONICLE (der), Going on the computer, watching tv, and playing on the wii. My 2 favourite book series are the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, ?) and Harry Potter :D, and my favourite film is HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2(which I haven't seen XD) I would like to have a DS (I got a phone now!), but unfortunately, my parents won't let me have one. My real name is Andrew Rabbitt. Laugh at my surname all you want. I don't care. On other websites, I am known as things other than crowzon. On MLN, I am Jqpk. On RuneScape, I am Tali Tek. On Pottermore, I'm StrikeBlade22683. My best friend in real life is George. Credit to him. My best friend on BS01 is Dark Light, as he has done so much for me and all the other users on the wiki. Deep respect is due for him. I'm not really into sport, or music. I play the flute and have grade 6 :P with distinction.(I'm not sure about the system in america, so I'll just put the british system) As many people may know, I am not very good at wiki coding. To be honest, most of my stuff is copy and paste. My fave vid on the whole internet is Mantax facts PSA on BZP. In england, for those who are ignorant, 'z' is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee'. A weird bit of trivia about me is that my Auntie babysitted Natasha Bedingfield. I prefer to keep to myself. I am a regular player of LEGO Harry Potter Collector's Edition wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I don't have wii internet :(

NB. I actually do have wii internet, but it's EXTREMELY limited, as it messes up every other internet connection other than the main computer...

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