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Kanohi Powers


  • Is a Great mask.[1] A Noble version is possible.[2][3]
  • Is a Legendary mask.[4] A Great or Noble version is not possible.[5]
  • Cannot create objects out of thin air.[6]
  • Can create objects out of thin air.[7][8][9]




  • Cannot control Rahi.[17][18][19] Existence of the Mask of Rahi Control also implies this.
  • Can control Nui-Rama,[20][21] Kane-Ra,[21][22] Rahi Nui,[23][24] Troller,[25] and most likely Lohrak[25] and Nui-Jaga.[26] The Komau has also controlled or attempted to control other unknown Rahi.[27][28] It is also possible that the Komau can control Rahi with infected masks.[29][30]


  • Can penetrate a Hau's shield.[31]
  • Cannot penetrate a Hau's shield.[32]
  • Limited to line of sight.[33][34][35] Can teleport through walls the user can see through.[36][37][38][39][40]
  • Not limited to line of sight,[41] but it is risky.[42][43] Compared to Fader Bulls, which can teleport through walls.[44]


  • Does not actually shapeshift,[45] but is just an enhanced illusion.[46][47] Other shapeshifters, such as Krahka and Makuta, gain the physical abilities of the forms they shapeshift into,[48][49] but not Mahiki users.[50]
  • Does actually shapeshift and is not just an illusion.[51][52] Mahiki users gain the physical abilities of the forms they shapeshift into.[53]


  • Cannot lift from a standing start.[54][55][56]
  • Can lift from a standing start.[57]

Rahi Control

  • Cannot control Spherus Magna creatures.[58]
  • Can control Venom Eels,[59] which were part of Ehlek's army[60] and are native to Spherus Magna.[61] However, there is discrepancy on whether Venom Eels are organic[62] or biomechanical.[63] They are also said to be related to Lava Eels,[64][65] which are Rahi.

Kraata Powers

Quick Healing


  • Deadens all sound around a target,[72] including speech.[73] Implied to be identical in function to the Shelek,[74][75] which robs both speech and hearing.[76]
  • Can only rob hearing, not speech.[77]


  • Cannot teleport others.[78]
  • Can teleport others, but requires physical contact.[79][80] Makuta's power is the same as Botar's,[81] which also requires physical contact.[82][83][84]
  • Can teleport others and does not require physical contact.[85][86][87]
  • Limited to line of sight.[88] Botar is the only one who can teleport beyond line of sight.[89]
  • Not limited to line of sight.[90][91] Brutaka, after absorbing the Makuta power, was able to teleport beyond line of sight.[92][93][94][95]
  • Cannot teleport through Karda Nui's shield[96][97] or the Codrex's.[98]
  • Can teleport through Karda Nui's shield[99] since Artakha can too.[100] However, Makuta's and Artakha's teleportation powers differ.[101]


  • Can absorb Vacuum.[102]
  • Cannot absorb Vacuum.[103]


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