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LoMN Teridax's Shadow Hand.PNG
BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time 30 Min.
BZP Name brataku
BZP Status Active
Online Jobs Destroying light and goodness
Age 25
Gender Male
Nationality Norwegian
Character(s) Vezon
Set(s) Brutaka
Color(s) Black
Food(s) Food? I eat light!

"Around here the monsters don't wear masks ... or hats, or pants, or anything else. And they eat you because they're hungry and you're nearby. Got it?"
Metus, Desert of Danger

I am a supporter of darkness. Now that Teridax has fulfilled his evil plans, I feel like laughing out loud everywhere.

Boxes (you are free to take any of them)

Comic Vezon.png Vezon is this user's favourite character.

Awards (made by me)

Kraata MoL.PNG
Shadow Award
This award is for respecting the shadows and supporting the Makuta. We are many and mighty!! (uh, well.. Teridax betrayed us, so... I don't think we are some many now.)
- Brataku

Awards (this is the awards people give me)

LoMN Teridax's Shadow Hand.PNG The Shadow in Light Award
This award goes to Brataku who proved by generaly supporting shadow that he has more Shadow than Light. Good Job!!! presented by

--Gralev A light among shadowsExternal Image 14:36, 20 September 2009 (UTC)