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Toa Toa {{{tab3_title}}} {{{tab4_title}}}
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Team Toa Mata
Kanohi Great Akaku
Tools Ice Sword and Ice Shield
Status Alive
Location Red Star

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List of Tabber/new template things

  • make the primary sections uniform, as opposed to the apparently random % divide we see now
  • Use the uppercase template anywhere there's Gaudy Trajan (uc template...?)
  • What else actually needs tabber besides OtherBeing and Rahi? (and HS01 =D)
  • PAGE TABBER (like for subpages; Sapient Species, Location, etc
  • specific template images
    • Otherbeing gets NOTHING. NOTHIIIING.
    • Matoran gets Hau, as well.
    • Kraahkan for BoM (get that hi-res from Bman)
    • Robot head for OoMN
    • Odina for DH? (lolwut)
    • Arena symbol for Glatorian/Agori
    • New Skrall template, VotM symbol
    • Mahri Nui for Barraki? (or one of their symbols, if can be made hi-res?)
    • Bohrok Symbol for Bohrok template
    • Rahkshi symbol for Rahkshi template
    • Events? Maybe nothing as well?
    • Muaka symbol for Rahi
    • Click symbol for Creatures
    • Vahi/Ignika symbol for Kanohi?
    • Vahki symbol for Vahki
    • Skakdi: Uhhhhhhh, Avak or Zaktan's symbol seems the best fit, but... idunnolol?
    • Three virtues for Society
    • Nuva Cube for powers
    • Thornax for Flora
    • Coliseum for Locations
    • Ask Greg symbol if we feel like doing the people template =P.
  • Get rid of fusion template entirely? I feel like it can be folded into any existing templates, or use otherbeing if nothing else.