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My Sandbox

"Hey, I'm going to the store. Are you coming?
I can't. I glued my head to the wall.
Well, why'd you do that?
Personal goal.
— Conversation between me and a friend

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"Master Of Vamprah"
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Favorite Set Vamprah

About Master of Vamprah

My name is Master of Vamprah. I have been a member of BS01 since early 2008, and my favorite Bionicle set is Vamprah. On this site I mainly stick to editing minor things, or help improve pages on the Pages Requiring Attention. (PRA) I have been a bionicle fan since July 2001.

My Bionicle Sets

Below is a long list of all my Bionicle sets.


  • Tohunga Jala
  • Tohunga Matoro
  • Tohunga Hewkii
  • Tohunga Kongu
  • Toa Tahu
  • Toa Kopaka
  • Toa Gali
  • Toa Lewa
  • Toa Onua
  • Toa Pohatu
  • Manas
  • Nui-Jaga
  • Nui-Rama
  • Muaka and Kane Ra


  • Lehvak
  • Tahnok
  • Nuhvok
  • Pahrak
  • Kohrak
  • Gahlok
  • Tahu Nuva
  • Kopaka Nuva
  • Gali Nuva
  • Lewa Nuva
  • Onua Nuva
  • Pohatu Nuva
  • Cahdok and Gahdok
  • Exo-Toa
  • Boxor


  • Uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Everything.


  • Toa Vakama
  • Toa Nokama
  • Toa Matau
  • Toa Whenua
  • Toa Onewa
  • Ehrye
  • Nuhrii
  • Orkham
  • Tehhuti
  • Ahkmou
  • All the Vahki except Keerahk
  • Nidhiki
  • Krekka
  • Dume and Nivawik


  • Hordika Vakama
  • Hordika Nuju
  • Hordika Matau
  • Hordika Whenua
  • Keelerak
  • Boggorak
  • Roporak
  • Roodaka
  • Keetongu
  • Battle of Metru Nui


  • Vezok
  • Thok
  • Zaktan
  • Reidak
  • Avak
  • Balta
  • Kazi
  • Garan
  • Inika Matoro
  • Inika Hahli
  • Inika Kongu
  • Inika Nuparu
  • Inika Hewkii
  • Axonn
  • Brutaka
  • Vezon and Fenrakk
  • Piraka Outpost


  • Kalmah
  • Pridak
  • Takadox
  • Ehlek
  • Mantax
  • Carapar
  • Dekar
  • Squid Ammo
  • Mahri Kongu
  • Mahri Jaller
  • Mahri Matoro
  • Mahri Hewkii
  • Mahri Nuparu
  • Mahri Hahli
  • Maxilos and Spinax
  • Hydraxon
  • Gadunka
  • Deep Sea Patrol


  • Phantoka Lewa
  • Phantoka Kopaka
  • Phantoka Pohatu
  • Vamprah (DUH!)
  • Antroz
  • Chirox
  • Tanma
  • Photok
  • Solek
  • Mutran and Vican
  • Icarax
  • Toa Ignika
  • Mistika Tahu
  • Mistika Gali
  • Krika
  • Gorast
  • Bitil
  • Takanuva


  • Zesk
  • Metus
  • Atakus
  • Strakk
  • Gresh
  • Skrall
  • Vorox
  • Malum

My First Set

My First Bionicle set was toa mata Kopaka. When I got him for my birthday, I remember building him, then having him fight an infected Muaka. Kopaka won!

My Favorite Set

By far, my favorite Bionicle set is Vamprah. This should be obvious, but I'm saying it anyway. Some of my favorite things about Vamprah are his design, and his features. I think that out of the three Phantoka Makuta, Vamprah looks the most like a real bat. His feet make him somewhat hard to pose, but thay also add to his cool design.


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Voriki was once only a small Matoran, of no significance at all. He worked and played on the Southern Continent under the watchful eyes of Mata Nui. When the Great Cataclysm occured, all the other matoran of energy were killed, for unknown reasons. When Voriki was accidently caught in a storm, he was jolted and incredibly transformed into a Toa. Since then, Voriki has been wandering the universe trying to find his destiny.

Abilities and Traits

Toa Voriki is a fierce fighter, but also surprisingly friendly. He is happy to help any Matoran to do anything, because all he really wants to do is find his destiny.

Mask and Tools

Toa Voriki wears the Kanohi Gaaha, the Mask of Energy. His tool is his Energy Rod, which can fire blasts of energy.

~Master Of Vamprah~

Master Of Vamprah

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