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Are Knowledge Crystals and Memory Crystals the same thing?

We have very little information on either one, but what little we do have, they are incredibly similar. According to Greg, both can store information[1][2] and are used to grow Knowledge Towers.[3] Back in 2004, Greg said they are different and it would be explained later,[2][4] in the City of Legends guide book,[5] but I could not find Memory Crystals being mentioned even once, only Knowledge Crystals are. No other source that I'm aware of goes into detail on how they're different. In fact, this page currently says "Frost Beetles often eat Knowledge Crystals by mistake, believing them to be Memory Crystals," but it's unsourced. The best I could find is the Frost Beetle entry from the Rahi guide book (p. 29), but it's worded differently:

But some believe their behavior masks an almost Matoran-level intelligence and that their habit of living near Knowledge Towers is something more than just coincidence...Even more startling, Frost Beetles have been known to consume the crystals used to grow new Knowledge Towers.

Matoro once proposed a theory that some of these creatures may have eaten memory crystals and somehow absorbed the knowledge inside them...

It first refers to "the crystals used to grow new Knowledge Towers" and then proceeds to explain Matoro's theory on how they eat Memory Crystals. There is no explicit mention that they accidently eat Knowledge Crystals mistaking them for Memory Crystals (and if both store information anyway, wouldn't either still be a benefit to the Frost Beetles?).

The BEU entry on Knowledge Towers says directly that they are grown from "special knowledge crystals," but does not have a separate entry on Knowledge Crystals themselves, but does for Memory Crystals. Granted, if they were indeed the same thing, it most likely would've said Memory Crystals directly, but that doesn't help explain why they are so similar, near identical actually, and only different in the fact one can grow into towers and the other can't, with no canon reason as to why that is.

One user, Crystal Matrix, asked three times what the difference between the two is, citing the Nuju and Ko-Metru bios,[2][3][6] but both of these were months before the City of Legends book released, so my guess is that they're referring to the bios on the website. I tried looking on the Wayback Machine, but with Flash no longer supported, it's useless. If anyone still has a way to use Flash to see these original bios, or has any other information I may have missed here, that would be greatly appreciated. Dag (talk) 00:59, 19 March 2021 (UTC)