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This page needs an update, boys and girls.--'Tyler Durden 11:06, 20 January 2012 (PST)

I was wondering where that quote came from. It seemed VERY familiar. Then I clicked the reference.

At least one good thing came from that post, where Greg gave no valuable answers. --Boidoh (talk) 00:23, 28 September 2014 (CEST)

Page Update

New Section: The Inter-Line Years
"After the cancellation of BIONICLE in 2010 BS01 retained a low, but steady level of activity through the actions of a handful of users. The intervening years saw not only the founding of HEROSector01, but also the start of the yearly MakutaFest podcast collaboration between BS01 and TTV, as well as the beginning of a partnership with Chronist-Wiki, a German wiki dedicated to BIONICLE. Unfortunately, they also saw BS01's biggest data-loss since the era of the Great Downtime and the Erased in 2007.
As these years dragged on, the site felt a resurgence of traffic and interest in late 2014 as hints of the return of BIONICLE swept through the community. A few new users joined and some old stopped by for a visit, eager to see what the new line would hold. After the official LEGO announcement in September 2014, Wiki users and staff began considering ideas on integrating the new information. Barely two months later, BS01 was named a LEGO User Group and launched its own Facebook and Twitter pages in preparation for the new year and new generation of the story."

Aaaaaand, that's all I got. But srsly, we need to make sure this page stays updated. Any thoughts on adding to/editing the above? ζoxHistories External Image

Don't forget that we're a LUG now :U -- Dorek Talk External Image 02:22, 7 November 2014 (CET)
How's that? ζoxHistories External Image
I added some more stuff. BS01 is a good picture of the community post-BIONICLE's ending: our membership contracted a little bit, and then we began drawing close to other parts of the worldwide BIONICLE community. ζoxHistories External Image