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Voya Nui Toa
User Status Scouting the Wiki
BZPower Username Karda Nui Toa (KNT)
BZPower Status Member
Location My Computer
Gender Male
Favorite Set Kopaka Nuva Phantoka


Public Relations.png Thank You So Much!
This award has been presented to the Wiki community for supporting and using the Member Opinions Hub so wonderfully. Your contributions have definitely been good ones and your support for it makes the staff and member relations much better. Thanks so much, and keep it up!!
External Image The External Image Award

The V Award is awarded to Anarchists who defy evil. This award is given to Voya Nui Toa for being loyal to the TRUE Wiki-Nui, and earning Toa V's respect as an editor. Perhaps you will also one day recognize the truth, before it is too late.

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LoMN Matoran Nuju.PNG This user likes Ice types the best.
Workers sign.png This user has over 100 BIONICLE sets they now have to be put in holes!
C-1 This user has made a small number of contributions.
B-4 This user has a complete understanding of the BIONICLE universe.
En This user is a native speaker of English.

External Image This user supports the Karda Nui BS01 Skin. BATTLE FOR POWER!
Internetexplorericon.png This user contributes using Windows Internet Explorer.