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               "bionicle is ending noooooo!" me after reading jouneys end

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The DX Award is only presented to D-Generates of Wiki-Nui. This particular award has been presented to Umbra54I for being ready with the DX Army, and thinking outside of the box. Now, for the thousands of members... and the millions of viewers without an account... Llllllllet's get ready to EDIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!

Reason: Being one H### of a D-Generation X Fan.

And if you're not down with that, we've got two words for ya... SHADOW LEECH!

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)

Umbra Set.PNG
BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time frequently
BZP Name umbra541
BZP Status sort of active
Gender Male
Height Taller than rey mysterio
Nationality america
Character(s) Karzhani
Set(s) Skopio-XV1
Color(s) blue
Food(s) steak:D
Kanohi Kraahkan with glowing eyes.PNG This user has ordered from Lord Oblivion's User Image Service. Thank you and come again soon.
Tahu Mistika with Keystone.PNG Execute order sixty-six.
External Image This user has two words for ya.

ARE YOU READY? You think you can tell us what to do? You think you can tell us what to wear? You think that your better? Well you better get ready. To bow to the masters. BREAK IT DOWN! Degenerate into somthing fool. We just got tired of doin what you told us to do. Well thats the price boy. Yeah! Thats the price little man. Break it down! DEGENERATION X! DEGENERATION! You think you can us what ta do? Ya know who ya talkin' to?

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