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Since ancient times, the drifting island of Voya Nui hides an ancient secret... Hidden in its most inaccessible corner the legendary mask - the Mask of Life, whose incredible power can save or destroy the whole world of BIONICLE! One day, a band of cunning and vicious creatures called Piraka appeared on Voya Nui in order to find the Mask of Life. No one knows for sure who they are and where they came from ... At the same time, it is known that they are insidious, cruel and evil. With the help of a mysterious virus, the Piraka subdue the minds of the Matoran from Voya Nui and make them their slaves. No one seems to be able to interfere with their plans. If the Mask of Life falls into the hands of the Piraka, the future of the BIONICLE world will be in great danger...


The title of each page is written using the Matoran alphabet. Decipher it using the code on page 1, and then write the name in the space indicated. At the bottom of each page you will find a fragment secret message. Decipher it, arrange the fragments in the places indicated on page 23, and then you will know where the Mask of Life is located and how it is guarded.


The world of ВIONICLE is full of legends and gloomy secrets. Many of them are the basis for the existence of its inhabitants, their guards and enemies. Will the Matoran Alphabet help you discover some of them?



He prefers to be second among the Piraka, as he believes that Zaktan will someday make a mistake and he will take his place. Has a huge ego. He gets cruel. His main disadvantage is his viciousness, which is why he is not very popular among other Piraka: In addition, Hakann's lava thrower can only fit five projectiles, so if his favorite lava sources are not around, his ammo will quickly run out.


The fate of the world of BIONICLE is decided on the island of Voya Nui. However, the BIONICLE legends refer to the three islands. Test your knowledge of the tumultuous events of previous years.[note 2]


Makuta captures the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

Lhikan leads the Toa to defeat the Dark Hunters.

Six Matoran transform into Toa Metru.

The Visorak transforms the Toa Metru into Toa Hordika half-monsters.

The Makuta places the sleeping Matoran in Matoran Orbs.

An earthquake destroys Metru Nui.

The Toa Meru evacuate the Matoran to another island.


The Toa Metru name the new homeland the Great Spirit of Mata Nui.

The Toa Metru awaken the Matoran people and transform into Turaga.

After 1000 years, new Toa appear.

The Toa fight the Rahi, Bohrok, and Rahkshi.

Contact with the protodermis

turns Toa into Toa Nuva, endowed with new powers.

Wearing the Mask of Light, Takua becomes Takanuva, Toa of Light.

Makuta defeated by Takanuva.


The Matoran rebuilt Metru Nui.

Turaga Dume sends the Toa Nuva on a mission to Voya Nui.


The Piraka arrive in their pods in search of the Mask of Life.

The Piraka, posing as Toa, make the Matoran their slaves.

Six free Matoran from Voya Nui create a resistance movement against the Piraka.

Toa Nuva go missing on Voya Nui.

The six Matoran who arrived from Metru Nui are transformed into Toa Inika.


The rest of the Piraka hate and fear Zaktan, but must cooperate with him. Thok and Reidak want to go through the labyrinth to get a new supply of Zamor Orbs from Zaktan. Show them the shortest way.


The world of BIONICLE is full of mysterious titles and names. Do you know them all? Solve the crossword and find out how to say "Mask of Life" in Matoran!

1. The name of the evil brother of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

2. Leader of the Matoran resistance movement.

3. Protector of Voya Nui, once Brutaka's best friend.

4. The name of the antidermis spheres that the Piraka use to turn Matoran into zombies.

5. 100% Selfish, 0% Buddy.

6. The name of a brave scout of the Matoran resistance movement.

7. An island named after the Great Spirit.

8. Nickname of Reidak.

9. 100% Cunning, 0% Weasel.

10. Life-giving substance from which almost everything is built in the world of BIONICLE.

11. These evil creatures are looking for the Mask of Life on the island of Voya Nui.

12. One of the heroes of Voya Nui - went over to the side of the Piraka.



Witty but rude; He sees well what is going on around him. Knows that Piraka do not trust each other, and believes that he will be able to take advantage of this. Forced communication with other Piraka for a long time infuriates him. As a result, he becomes unpredictable and very dangerous to others. The high temperature robs him of his strength.

Fill in the empty spaces using the fragments shown in the picture.


Voya Nui was once part of the mainland. As a result of a gigantic natural cataclysm, it broke away from it and became an island drifting on the Sea of Blackness. Unfortunately, almost exhausted reserves of protodermis and the expected explosion of the hot core of the island promise it a quick death. Only the Mask of Life hidden inside the island gives a chance for salvation. Therefore, Voya Nui is known as the island of despair and the island of hope.


Its waters are very dangerous due to the incredibly strong current. In ancient times, there was dry land in the place of the bay. However, one day a large part of the island suddenly broke off and disappeared along with its inhabitants in the depths of the sea.


The last bastion of defense of the Matoran from the attacks of the conquerors. The Piraka are constantly bombarding the fortress with Zamor orbs, wanting to infect the last six Matoran with the virus. The fortress is connected by a secret passage to the Protodermis Lake.


A lake of life-giving substance, without which neither the island nor its inhabitants can exist. Its stock is running out.


Hundreds of caves on the east coast of Voya Nui Bay, which, according to Piraka, may hide clues to finding the Mask of Life.


A fortress in which the Piraka manufacture and store their weapons, as well as virus-infected ammunition.


777 hexagonal[note 3] steps leading inland to the Mask of Life Room.


Rock in the shape of a needle. The view from the "eye of the needle" covers almost the entire valley, with the exception of one small corner, which marks the passage leading to the Room of the Mask of Life. Hence the riddle: "There, as far as the eye can't reach, the mask's attorney seeks refuge."[note 4][note 5] The "eye of the needle" had been carved by one of those Matoran who disappeared along with the torn off part of the island.


The island's only and already dwindling source of energy. The ever-rising temperature of the lake is a sign of what will happen soon, explosion of unprecedented power.[note 6]


Zaktan's body is built from a swarm of microscopic creatures called protodites. Each of these beings is part of Zaktan's consciousness, but can also function independently.

Find five differences between Zaktan's portraits.



Endowed with high intelligence. He is not interested in others - neither the Matoran nor the Piraka. He is dishonest, arrogant, and has sadistic tendencies. It is he who produces the antidermis, and only he knows the secret of the virus. Weakness: His isolation leads to ignorance of what others are up to.


See if you know Piraka and Voya Nui well. Note which of the following statements are true and which are false. If you carefully read all the information contained in this book, you will surely find the answer to every question.

1. Piraka are a friendly team and completely trust each other. (F)

2. Axonn betrayed Brutaka and joined the Piraka gang. (F)

3. Voya Nui is threatened with death as a result of the explosion of the red-hot core of the island. (T)

4. Protodermis turns the Matoran into obedient Piraka zombies. (F)

5. Lava supplies on Voya Nui are running low. (F)

6. Zaktan knows the real secret of the virus. (T)

7. Velika is the leader of the Matoran resistance movement. (F)

8. The Piraka arrived on Voya Nui in capsules. (T)

9. Voya Nui was once part of the mainland. (T)

10. The Piraka are trying to find the Mask of Light. (F)

11. Lava Lake serves the Matoran mainly for surfing. (F)

12. The Nui Caves are connected to the Protodermis Lake by a secret passage. (F)


The mirror images of the masks of Thok, Avak and Reidak differ from the originals in one small detail, find it for each of them and mark it.



Dexterous and cunning, but at the same time incredibly strong. He believes that he can defeat any enemy even without any tricks and deceptions. Shelter is not for him. Dislikes closed spaces. Loses patience quickly when staying in one place for too long.

Draw a portrait of Reidak in the cells.



Find two identical pictures.



Brilliant engineer - able to make a weapon or a machine literally out of nothing. He makes up for his weaknesses with ambition. In a fight, he is simply hopeless, but he is easily thrown off balance, so he quickly and extremely willingly grabs a weapon[note 7] - not a very good combination...


In order to find the Mask of Life, you need intelligence, dexterity and the ability to think logically. Practice your gray cells by solving Piraka Sudoku.

Fill in the Sudoku table with numbers from 1 to 6 so that in each row, each column and each selected rectangle there is only one cell with a given number.


The Piraka, posing as Toa, turned the inhabitants of Voya Nui into their slaves with the help of a mysterious virus. Only a handful of valiant Matoran managed to free themselves, who stood shoulder to shoulder with real Toa in the battle for the freedom of the island.


Velika is an excellent inventor, and it is he who creates many types of weapons for the Toa Inika. He himself uses double mechanical knives, thanks to which he quickly does his job.


Kazi is a realist, although full of irony. He understands that the Matoran are not able to defeat the Piraka on their own, but he is the only one who knows the true purpose of the Piraka's stay on the island.


Piruk is an excellent scout. He is very dedicated to his cause, but he is not one of the most courageous members of the Matoran resistance movement. His claws can tear through the hardest metal which often makes it easier for him to escape.


Balta is Garan's best friend. He is very inventive, he can make a device or weapon from improvised materials. With his two intimidators, he can repulse the attack of any enemy.


Dalu is an excellent warrior, and her two assistants allow her to increase the energy of another being. Unfortunately, she can't do this too often, as she loses a lot of her own power in doing so.


Garan was the first to realize that Piraka was not a Toa, and that he was the one leading the Matoran resistance movement. Garan possesses a dual pulsating generator that fires balls of pure energy.



This is undoubtedly the most formidable Piraka. Although seemingly calm and self-possessed, he is actually terribly angry and full of hatred. He is sure that the rest of the Piraka want to get rid of him (and he is right about that!). Although his mission is to scour the underwater part of Voya Nui, he is not completely protected from the corrosive action of sea water.

Connect the points from 1 to 40 in order, and you will see what kind of weapon Vezok has.


See if you can find in this letter table:

- the names of all six Piraka: Avak, Vezok, Hakann, Thok, Zaktan, Reidak;

- the names of the heroes of Voya Nui: Brutaka, Axonn;

- the name of the matter from which almost everything in the world of BIONICLE is created: protodermis;

- the name of the matter that, in conjunction with the virus, turns the Matoran into obedient Piraka zombies: antidermis;

- the name of the inhabitants of Voya Nui: Matoran;

- the name of the spheres containing the antidermis with the virus: Zamor.

Attention: All words can be written from left to right and right to left, from bottom to top and from top to bottom, as well as obliquely.


Once true friends, Brutaka and Axonn are now sworn enemies.

Under the influence of Zaktan, Brutaka turned his back on everything he once believed in.

Role on Voya Nui

At one time he was one of the most powerful guardians of Voya Nui. Now the traitor has given the fate of the island into the hands of Piraka in order to get rid of them after finding the Mask of Life and become its owner himself.


A huge sword connected to an electronic rock cutter. Two knives are hidden on the back.


He was a loyal friend of Axonn and guardian of the Great Spirit of Mata Nui. Brutaka joined the Piraka gang in the belief that Mata Nui would never awaken again. The antidermis gives him strength, so he wants to consume more and more of it.

Ability and strength

With the power of thought, he controls the speed and direction of the flight of his knives, which always return to him like a boomerang.


Attachment to antidermis makes him addicted to Zaktan.

Interesting detail

Gradually goes crazy as a result of constant contact with the antidermis.


Mata Nui is the past. Now I believe only in one thig: in myself!


Well, can you already distinguish each of the members of the gang? Match the Piraka names with their respective shadows.


Write in the indicated places the appropriate decoded fragments of the message.



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If you want to make a double sided Piraka style door sign:

- cut off the back of the cover along the dotted line,

- fold the plate in half along the longitudinal axis of symmetry and glue,

- cut the corner along the arc indicated by the dotted line,

— cut out holes with the symbol of the island — so that you can hang a sign on the door handle ... ... And you're done!

== Notes ==
  1. Curiously the title of one of the HarperCollins books is the opening line of this AMEET book and its iterations Alla ricerca della maschera della vita and BIONICLE: Voya Nui. The latter has the phrase on the back cover as well.
  2. Similar timeline is present in many of the HarperCollins books and while the points are good, it always suffers from scrambled order of events
  3. The italian translation in Alla ricerca della maschera della vita omits the 'hexagonal' detail. French translation in BIONICLE: Voya Nui includes it.
  4. Likely a translation of the english original found in Facts and Figures and Annual: "What the eye cannot see is where the mask bearer flees"
  5. The riddle is missing from italian and french translations.
  6. The french translation describes this explosion as a supernova.
  7. Seems to be a translation of 'He is also extremely trigger-happy and irritable - not a good combination', present in Island of Hope, Island of Doom