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about me

my name is Prof. Srlojohn, known as the Prof., srlojohn, and (to my chagrin) Sir john. I got into Bionicle in 2010/11, (though my first bio set was 2007 Matoro, but I didn't realize what it was). I gathered as much backstory as I could, and acquired the chronicles books, and legends 1 and 3 (weird right?). Then I discovered wikis. I first started at the OTHER wiki, left in 2 months. Then I found BS01 during the Toa V mess (which I now now was before he was Victorious), but didn't stay long. Then I returned about a few months after the BS01 podcast started, and I've stuck around ever since. I actually joined BS01 about august, but really didn't do anything until about December. I was a permanent resident of the lego galleries on (until they shut them down!! Grr...). I am a Major proponent of the Exo-Force Takeshi X Hitomi theory. I am a heavy reader and game player, and am interested in many things.

I am now on the TTV message boards!

My Bionicle testimony

I was first introduced to bionicle when I got Matoro Mahri in 2009, from the Lots of Bigness (figure it out). I essentially thought, "Cool! are there any more of these!?" So we went to Bullseye(Figure it out) and got Strakk I think. Over the course of the year I proceeded to acquire all the 2009 sets except for the jungle tribers, Vorox, Atakus, and the titans. In the second half of 2009, I started gobbling up all the Bionicle lore I could find, went over the websites several times, acquired chronicles 1, 2 and 4, and legends 1, and 3 (which really confused me until I saw the retrospective). I also bought Mata nui and 2 kiina's (don't ask me why). I was Bio-crazy, I even had a 3-D Thornax birthday cake! Then 2010 rolled around. I literally yelled at my screen when I saw the announcement. I then acquired all 6 stars, (3 of which were for a birthday cake, oddly enough). Then it ended, and I was lost with only my bio and exo-force books to comfort me. Then I discovered BS01. It and it's podcast kept me interested until 2015. Then, it came back! I literally pinched my self, and attempted to not run around the house with joy. I really enjoyed Bio V2, especially the TV show. I even got involved and sent questions into the podcast. Then it ended again, and I returned to BS01, and it's kept my interest up since then. I even started acquiring older books as best i can, Thanks to BS01's (slightly annoying) habit of not having book scans. And that's it. Thanks for reading this if anyone reads it.

my intrests

In order of degree of like, from high to low, including but not limited to: Bionicle!!!, LEGO, Exo-Force, HF, Gardevoir, Pokemon, Command & Conquer, Advance Wars, Nancy Drew games, Anne Mccaffery books, the Inheritance Cycle, Ender’s Game, Any version of Sid Mier’s Civilization (But Particularly Beyond Earth), Classic Cars, Star Wars and the My Love Story! manga.

online PC games I play

Sid mier's civlization (5,6,& BE)(via Steam)
Command & Conquer RA3 & 3KW (via CnC online) (currently unavailible)
Lego Worlds (via Steam)
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online
Roblox (yes, Roblox. So sue me)
XCOM 2 (+ WOTC) (Via Steam)

Hit me up sometime and we can play a game, (maybe)

my steam account name is Solojohn123

Bionicle favorites

Toa- Varian
Element- Psionics
Kanohi- Olmak
Makuta- Krika
Dark Hunter- Mimic (poor guy!)

Bionicle products

my products include, in chronological order;

2001 Gali mata
2002 Gali mata
2002 Lewa mata
chronicles 1-4
official guide to bionicle
adventures, 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9
Lihkan WHITHOUT kikanalo
rahi beasts
bionicle encyclopedia
dark hunters
All 6 inika
Matoro Mahri (until it got mostly destroyed)
Kiina *2
The ledgend reborn (movie)
Mata nui (legends)
Cendox v1
Kaxium v3
All the Stars.
Protector of earth
protector of fire
Tahu (G2) *2
Onua (G2) *2
Kopaka (G2)*2
Pohatu (G2) (Croiky!)
Lewa (G2) (except for the curvy blade thingies)
Gali (G2)
All the skull creatures+(Ekimu-Protector size)
Gali Uniter
Umarak the Hunter
Lava beast
Umarak the Destroyer


Kopaka Nuva comic.png ♫Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!♫

thanks toa Jala!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around the wiki!!