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This award has been given to romansoldierdude for saying they notice-able notice


User Status Not done making this page
BZPower Username romansoldierdude
BZPower Status totally bo-dangit
Location The better side of the fence. My grass is WAY greener.
Gender roman. I mean..uh, male
Favorite Set Maxilos. But I was here in 2001!

Hi! I'm an unpopular BZP member who doesn't get any attention, and that may be a good thing! In any case, on BZP I'm not a staff member or even a premier member, but I am curator of the Short Stories Critics Club. And I shall close with a quote that myself and rock559 (a BZP member) consider we made it up...or rather, he did.

"bo-dangit!" -b0wd


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