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Nuhrii the Metruan
BS01 Status Regular viewer
Usual Online Time Always xD
BZP Name Nuhrii the Metruan
BZP Status Very active
Online Jobs Forum Assistant (BZP), Webmaster (Chronist-Wiki)
Age born 04.12.1990 - calculate!
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Nationality German
Character(s) Mazeka, Teridax, Krika
Set(s) Brutaka
Color(s) black, red
Food(s) Pizza, noodles, potatoes :D

Nuhrii the Metruan, also known as NtM is a German fan of BIONICLE, Star Wars (especially SW novels), Heroes, Stargate, and many other Sci-Fi related things. Oh, and he is a freak (and rumored to be proud of it...). Lately he has shown himself interested in philosophy, theology and real-life people. He usually listens to German underground rock music because the texts and melodies are much more poetic than most mainstream music. Still, he is not above listening to punk, Christian rock music and sometimes even metal. He once was busy writing a Sci-Fi novel in his free time, together with his best friend, but he no longer has free time, so the book project is now at rest... I shall continue it one day, though. He also translates BIONICLE novels and serials into German. Some of his translations have found their way into Toa of Kenn's Blog on BZPower. One of his greatest achievements is the creation of the monthly Unofficial German BIONICLE magazine, which has since been renamed "The Chronicler". His current level of mental (in-)stability is unknown.

This user is a member of BZPower
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POWER This user wants to have the power of Shadow
This user is proud creator of two offical BIONICLE characters: Toa Naho and Nektann. Further, he created the term Toa Mangai and established the meanings of Mangai and Mangaia

Award Showroom

Some people considered it appropriate to give me awards... well, here they are. :D Thanks to those who awarded me, because now I have something to decorate my userpage with. :)

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The TNU Award
This award is only presented to the users TNU has felt have done an excellent job on the Wiki for numerous reasons. Nuhrii the Metruan has recieved this award for creating 3 pieces of canon info! You keep on creating those pieces Nuhrii. Congrats!

~ Tahu Nuva Unleashed

The Canon Award

Congrats, you have found a way to hypnotise Greg Farshtey, bending his will to your own, and made your own Bionicle Canon. Always remember to be cautious in using your powers, and only for the power of enjoyment.



Thank You So Much!
This award has been presented to the Wiki community for supporting and using the Member Opinions Hub so wonderfully. Your contributions have definitely been good ones and your support for it makes the staff and member relations much better. Thanks so much, and keep it up!!
Kraata Award Shadowleeched!
Nuhrii the Metruan has been shadowleeched because you wanted shadow power. -User:Ignika259/siggy1
The Nuparu1995 Friendship Award
This award has been granted to Nuhrii the Metruan for being one of Nuparu1995's greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. Go ahead and post this on your page.


And another one - think I need a new showroom :P

The Nuparu1995 Approval Award
This award has been granted to Nuhrii the Metruan for creating many things that are now considered Bionicle canon, and being a good friend. May you continue to bring Wiki-Nui much joy!