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KDNX, Derahk
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Hi! I'm Wyatt, aka KDNX, after my self-MOC. I love the lore of BIONICLE and debating canon is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm an amateur MOCist and writer (affiliated with Myths & Legacy and the Mangai Project). I have won two awards in total for my non-BIONICLE writing.


~~ KDNX (Talk)

About Me

I first got into BIONICLE in 2006. My first set was Toa Kongu Inika. I wasn't active in the community during this time; I simply read the books and comics until the end of the series. I collected a majority of the sets, but not all of them. I've collected all the major sets of 2010, 2009, and 2008, as well as all the major sets of 2007 except Lesovikk and all the major sets of 2006 except Irnakk. I've also collected all of the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva, as well as McToran Jala, Matoro, Takua, and Kongu. I have all of the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal, Turaga Matau, and the Boxor. I have three Rahkshi, Terry 03, and most of the Ussanui (and about half of Takanuva 03). I have all of the Toa Metru except Whenua (cri) and all of the Metrutoran except Ehrye. I have Ultimate Dume. I do not have any Toa Hordika, but I have two Visorak.

I rejoined the community on Google+ in 2014, where I was active in the Rega Nui RP Group and the BIONICLE Group. When G2 returned in 2015, I began watching TTV, but stopped when Eljay's reviews ended. I became less invested in the community when G2 ended, and was inactive for a long time. In 2020, I had the idea for a BIONICLE iceberg video, so I returned to the community in order to make the video. Today, I am mostly active on Discord @kdnx. Occasionally, I create BMVs, and am still in the process of creating the BIONICLE Iceberg video for YouTube. I also develop the KDNX Colorpack for BrickLink On top of all of that, I write for Myths & Legacy, a fanfiction initiative intended to expand BIONICLE's universe with as few deviations from canon as possible, and the Mangai Project, a 2D-animated fan series about the exploits of the Toa Mangai.

In 2023, I began writing my first major independent BIONICLE fanfiction, BIONICLE: Another Chronicle. Another Chronicle utilizes concepts from prototype and pre-release phases of BIONICLE to retell the 2001 story in a fresh, new way. Chapters currently release every Friday.

In 2024, I will be celebrating one year of publishing Another Chronicle and beginning publishing on a second fanfic featuring my self-MOC.