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About Me

Hello! You can call me IgnikaMaster or MC (my initials). I have been a fan of Bionicle since I can remember. I used to love buying them, building them, and playing with them and I still do, sometimes... My goal is to buy every single one when I'm an adult. That's gonna be difficult for me because the older ones are going to be really rare and expensive.

My Work

Must give credit to IgnikaMaster when using my work.

If you like my pic, comment in my quick-speak. I am making pics. See my examples here:

Send a request in quick-speak. Send the pic you want, a background, words, color, etc.

ID Cards

My ID Cards

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I also make ID Cards now. Credit to the Xecha Industries Sprite ID Shop on BZPower Forums for ID Card idea.

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Steps for ID Card:

1. Color of ID Card

2. Link of Sprite Picture for ID Card

3. Name

4. Mask Name

5. Mask Power

6. Element

7. Species

8. Post Range

9. Gender

10. Short Slogan


External Image By Swert

External Image By Swert

External Image By Swert


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My Userboxes! Yay!



I have 1,030,803,787 Widgets on here.

Ways I recieved widgets:

  • SonicBOOM XS paid me 1787 widgets to make him a pic and 17,000,000 widgets out of kindness and being his BZP friend.
  • LNU paid me 1000 widgets to make him a pic.
  • Mezzik paid me 1000 widgets to make him a pic.
  • Earth-collector paid me 1,000,000,000 widgets to make him a pic.
  • Icerakx Crenod, Knight of the Ice paid me 800,000 widgets to make him a pic.
  • Megalith paid me 13,000,000 widgets to make him a pic.


My Sig

External Image~IgnikaMaster (Talk|Contribs)


Awarded By: Avlok Mahri

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