From BIONICLEsector01
Powers Light
Tools Powerful Radiant Laser
Status Immortal
Location Earth
Pronunciation N/A
Set number 2000

Welcome to my user page. My real name's José Hernández, a 15 and a half year old LEGO collector as well as a long-time fan of BIONICLE. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico, but me and my family emigrated to Oklahoma, USA in 2005. Starting a new life, I discovered, and thus I started loving LEGO. I had many sets, but BIONICLE was the best one for me. I can perfectly remember that Vezok was my first BIONICLE set, though not my first LEGO set overall. I started collecting in 2006, and I continue after nearly a decade, even more with the recent reboot of BIONICLE.