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Antrozek air elemental, and lider of the elementals
User Status making the last chapters of BIONICLE: operation salvation
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Location at the swamp helping the order in the final battle
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ANTROZEK likes 'air types the best.


antrozek is a smart and powerfull toa, he got the soul of the original leader of the elementals in his heart, he got two minds, his mind, and the mind of ariok, he has suffer much, the day of he discovery he was a elemental, that day karzahni atacked a base of the order in daxia with a giant swarms of munatris, millus, bokahk and gakalu, his team fighted much that day, antrozek and millus was in the giant munatri for fight against karzahni, after fight, karzahni wanted to kill antrozek but millus has sacrificed for him, and antrozek after see that, his elenmental power has unleashed and destroyed the swarms of munatris and karzahni escaped, after his brothers death by the bad elementals controled by the elemtal of earth, bonutak, after antrozek kill the bad elemntals and bonutak, he transforms in the leader of the elemntals, an he was help to the new elementals with ariok ( in his mind ) and rakhed, his best friend


  • his most hated enemy was bonutak
  • hictior is a great enemy and after the good come of hictior his get his best friend
  • the sister of hictior, likairi ever time says to antrozek " uncle antrozek "
  • he gots a vehicule named turbax X-8
  • the vehicule is maded with old pieces of the destroyed laboratory of mutran in the swamp of secrets and some pieces of the battleship of broxxor


how you now, he is a elemental of air, 1 of the more powerfull beigs after mata nui and the great beings, he nows hoe to use the air for all things thatks to the learns of ariok in his mind :


air blast YEAH !!!!!!


make storms-

create solid air-

create air bubbles-

elemental air control Stats

Strength: 13
Agility: 18
goodness: 19
Mind: 16

Mask and Tool

His mask is the Kanohi mutraz ( i named the mask in the 2006 ) and he got the ven ( " air " in japanese )blade swords


his team is comformed with only 3 members-

bokahk a earth toa, wise but not fast ( deceased )-

millus a fire toa, powerfull and very fast ( deseaced )-

gakalu, one of the best friends of antrozek, she is a ice toa, and she love to antrozek ( she was relived by the ignika actualy )-



hictior ( and after that friend )-



the 2 still living elementals of bonutak, rytrax and hekatak-

the evil clones of his team and the clone of him and rakhed-

the grays

the history of the elementals

From the moment that mata-Nui way for the land, before the creation of the order of mata-Nui, they existed, the union of elementars, each member had a mask elementary, as the powerful masks of earth and wind, the elements in the union of elementary were ... air, earth, fire, ice, water, stone, sound, magnetism, light, shadow, plasma, thunder, iron, plant life, gravity and energy, for a while big, powerful and friendly leaders, onutrax and ariok the has making the possible to maintain the status of mata Nui stable, until one day presage onutrax harbinger had appeared ... that much, but a lot of power, but it was malignant and irresponsible, jealous of the power of onutrax, decided to remove the road as ariok, so at that time bonatak inherits all the power of onutrax and ariok also like killing the other elementary and llebando the other heralds the path of evil, at that time After the fall of mata nui by the aunsense of elementary, was created order of mata nui, but many years after national presage ariok working for the order, discovers that the union of elementary who were had killed gakalu and bokahk already, and at that time antrozek undertook a search to find the tower of the elementary and thus avenge ariok, onutrax, gakalu and bokakh

the grays

the Grays are very advanced organical live forms, it says that the universe around them destroying and creating worlds, others say they are the real creators of the great beings, which is why in a while they callthem the primordial grey ..... the elementary had a secret pact with them, the pact was to be able to protect the planet of bionicle But this time the Grays have rarely get dark, and seek to destroy the planet bionicle and all those who are in the same orbit of these 2 suns, a battle was fought to defend the planet, the makuta, the dark hunters and order need to work together to fight against the most strongest race of the universe, this battle gonna decide destiny of the universe and its bionicle around

quotes of antrozek

"gakalu, you are alive !!!"

-antrozek to gakalu

"bonutak, this is the end"

-antrozek to bonutak

"so, your name is voriki, nice to meet you !"

-antrozek to voriki

"hictior, why do you doing this ?"

-antrozek to hictior

"yeah, only the leader elementals now about the grays, the creators of great beigns"

-antrozek to all legion of elementals

"the grays need to be destroyed, and only the sacrifice of a leader elemental can do it, me"

-antrozek to hictior in the final battle against the grays

friends of antrozek

all actual elementals-



gakalu ( girlfriend in part )-



toa nuva-

members of the order-


BIONICLE: operation salvation

a serial about a mission asigned to the broxxor group conformed by leerax, paruk, antrozek, rakhed, nakekh and voriki by the order of mata nui, the serial get to be taking some storyline parts. you can see the chapters ( in spanish ) in my deviantart page

BIONICLE: battle for survive

the story takes 2000 years after what happenes in Bop ( bionicle operation salvation ) the grays a live form who create the great being attemp to destroy the bionicle universe, and the order of mata nui and they allies, the broterhood of the makuta and they allies and the dark hunters and they allies gonna unite for destroy this the grays and save the bionicle universe. the serial gonna be posted in deviantart when BIONICLE : operation salvation get finished



sets i got ( indcluding other dets of lego )

kongu mahri-

matoro mahri-

nuparu mahri-




mantax barraki-

pridak barraki-

kalmah barraki-

elhek barraki-

carapar barraki-

visorak keelerak-

visorak boogarak-

visorak roporak-

toa inika kongu-

toa inika matoro-

toa inika hahli-

toa inika hewkii-

lego thenic 8270-

sets i gonna get this phantoka season

lewa phantoka-



makuta antroz-

fabourite bionicle movies and animations

2001=toa awakening ( onua )- the discobery of vakama-bohrok trailer

2002=all bohroks movies-toa nuva movies

2003=mask of light-takanuva movie- rakhshi movies

2004=toa metru movies-legends of metru nui-vakhi movie

2005=hordika movie-visorak movie-web of shadows

2006=piraka animations-piraka movies-inika movie

2007= barraki movie-toa mahri movie

2008=bionicle retrospective-phantoka movie

favourite bionicle online games and console games


2002= mnolg 2 ( 2002 and 2003 part )

2003=bionicle the game



2006=all online games-bionicle heroes

2007= all mahri games


favourite sets

all maked

favourite fan characters of others




the inspiration for make antrozek

after buy kongu inika, i maked antrozek

mocs of epics and the life of antrozek ( antrozek ) ( hictior )

antrozek team ( bokakh ) ( millus ) ( gakalu )

vehicule mocs ( turbax X-8 ) ( nitrox T-4 ) ( exo-simbiote )

makuta mocs ( ogdrakh ) ( draxxar ) ( aldrekx ) ( obudrak )

the page where i post my stories and my draws and epics

my awards

Freedom Fighters Award
This reward was granted to Antrozek air elemental, and lider of the elementals for being part of the Wiki Nui Freedom Fighters. -The Wiki-Nui Freedom Fighters


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