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This template produces Matoran (or Okoto) text.

Parameter Function
type (optional) The type of text to appear. If the parameter isn't included, Metru Nui Matoran text is used (glyphs are circles). If the parameter is set to voya, Voya Nui Matoran text is used (glyphs are hexagons). If the parameter is set to okoto, Okoto text is used.
size The font size of the text. Be sure to include units such as px or em.
otherstyles (optional) Any other styles you want the text to have, such as font color, background color, etc.
text The text to be written in Matoran.

Thanks to User:Jed1ndy for his Complete Okoto Alphabet + Okatan Symbols and to User:Surel-nuva for File:Umarak Symbol.PNG and File:Creatures Symbol.png (derived from images uploaded by User:Swert and User:Dorek), which were used to create the okoto2016 font! Also this image by ToaHeroStudio on DeviantArt was a useful reference (it seems to be taken from Gathering of the Toa).

In okoto2016, numbers 1-9 produce the following symbols:

  • 1: Lewa
  • 2: Pohatu
  • 3: Gali
  • 4: Tahu
  • 5: Onua
  • 6: Kopaka
  • 7: Elemental Creatures
  • 8: Umarak
  • 9: Ekimu


{{MatoranText|size=12px|text=Metru Nui}} produces:

Metru Nui

{{MatoranText|type=voya|size=2em|otherstyles=color:red;|text=Voya Nui}} produces:

Voya Nui

{{MatoranText|type=okoto|size=1em|text=Okoto}} produces: