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On the desert planet of Bara Magna, the Agori Berix departed from his village of Tajun journeying on one of his many salvage expeditions. Searching for armor which he could use in the arenas, in order to fight alongside the Glatorian, the Agori instead came across a piece of paper bearing the name Certavus. He stowed the parchment in his bag for safe keeping, and returned to his village. Later on, he traveled with one of the older Glatorian of his village, Tarix, to the Jungle Tribe living in Tesara, where Tarix trained with their rookie Glatorian, Gresh.

Berix with the Book of Certavus

Tarix won the practice match, commenting to Gresh afterward that he should learn to use a different fighting style instead of the same one over and over. Berix overheard Gresh promising to find a new set of moves that would help him win. Berix in response gave him the page he had discovered and offered to show Gresh where he had found the piece of paper, which Gresh identified as being part of the Book of Certavus. In exchange Gresh would be used as guard service while the Agori searched for useful parts and armor. The Glatorian agreed. Later on their journey, the pair encountered a pack of Vorox, who eventually forced them to take shelter in the abandoned training arena, which was their original destination. While hiding, Berix accidentally scared one of the Vorox with a practice dummy, who had secretly tunneled into the arena. Gresh was inspired by this, and came up with the Idea to rig a number of them on the roof of the building. When the sun rose the next day, the Vorox again attempted to attack the arena, only to be frightened off by Gresh's scarecrows. As they turned to leave, Berix discovered the Book of Certavus, and offered it to Gresh, but the Glatorian had learned a lesson, and declined.

Berix once again journeyed out into the Wastelands to search for useful armor. While scavenging, he encountered the Bone Hunter, Fero, and his Rock Steed, Skirmix. The Bone Hunter quickly overtook the Agori and was about to kill Berix when suddenly stopped by three Glatorian, Gresh, Strakk, and Tarix. After Fero and Skirmix fled, Berix thanked the trio of Glatorian, and informed them that he did not have payment for their service. Gresh and Tarix, though Strakk complained, reassured the Agori that payment was not necessary when it came to saving lives. The group was then attacked by a few Vorox who fought viciously. They retreated however, under the command of the exiled Glatorian, Malum.

Berix left the three warriors then, as they continued into Vulcanus for a match between Gresh and a Skrall. The winner of the battle would win an oasis which both the Jungle Tribe and the Rock Tribe claimed was theirs. While Gresh held out longer than most, the Skrall was victorious and after the fight, proceeded to attack the defeated Gresh. Before this could happen, Tarix interfered and reminded the Skrall of his punishment for wounding or killing a warrior after his concession.

Gresh fighting a Skrall

The Skrall secretly met a mysterious figure in a cavern later, who informed him that a trade caravan was departing from Tajun in a week's time. The being deduces that if the Bone Hunters were to raid it, Tajun would go hungry in the season and would have to fight over other villages for resources, battles which, according to the figure, Tajun would lose. The result would be easy prey for the Skrall if they wished to take over Tajun. The Skrall then left, and returned to the village of Roxtus. There, the Skrall informed his leader, Tuma, about what he had learned. Tuma then gave instructions to the Skrall, and declared that one day the Skrall would rise and conquer all of Bara Magna.

A Skrall hunting brigade was returning to Roxtus in order to report their lack of findings when they were attacked by a pack of Vorox. Malum, the leader of the pack, eventually retreated his Vorox from the fight, and the Skrall reported the news to Tuma. In response, Tuma ordered the Skrall patrol to replenish its numbers and capture the ex-Glatorian. Though Malum was expecting their return and had laid several traps, the Skrall defeated his Vorox and captured him alive, taking him to Roxtus. Tuma forced Malum into a battle with two Vorox, desiring the secret of how to tame the beasts. Malum calmed his two opponents, and convinced them to help him escape. Malum freed two more Vorox and attacked the Skrall, before fleeing.

A trade caravan departing Tajun is raided by Bone Hunters, and the Bone Hunters step up their raids on Vulcanus. A wandering Agori is contacted by Raanu to help get Glatorian to defend Vulcanus. Talking to Malum in the Wastelands, the ex-Glatorian gives the Agori materials to gain the Vorox as allies. After giving Thornax Stew to a Zesk, it marks him as a Sand Tribe ally. Using the Stinger Oath, the Agori gets a Vorox group to attack the Bone Hunters. Raanu then told the Hero Agori to go to other villages to get more help. Tarduk finds the Agori, and is given an Ancient Scroll in exchange for leading the Agori to Gresh. Gresh gives the Agori his seal that he will defend Vulcanus. In Tajun, the Agori constructs a spear for Berix to secure Tajun's reputation. After this, Tarix pledges himself to defend Vulcanus. The Agori gives Metus a Desert Spring Location to get Iconox's Favor to secure Strakk's help. Going to Roxtus, the Agori meets with Atakus and a Skrall warrior and wins the warrior's help. He then learns of plans for Bone Hunters raiding Vulcanus. The Agori gets the highest Honor Badge, and traps Bone Hunters to take their blades.

A Glatorian match between Vulcanus and Iconox was won in Vulcanus' favor. In response, Iconox was to bring a large shipment of Exsidian to the winning city. Metus, in charge of this transaction, included Gresh, Tarduk, and Kirbold as part of the escort. By doubling the pay, Metus was also able to convince Strakk to guard the caravan as it made its way to the Fire city. Having differences of opinions, the two Glatorian argued over the different routes to take. After finally setting out, Strakk eventually revealed that he had made a plan to crash the caravan and steal fifty percent of the Exsidian with the rest of them, and make it look like the Bone Hunters did it. The others refused this deal, and ordered Strakk to continue on the journey. While traveling, the group was attacked by Dune Snakes. The group retreated from the dangerous creatures, and Strakk landed in quicksand during his escape. Gresh rescued the Ice Glatorian by throwing him a rope from the caravan. The group escaped the snakes by leading them into the quicksand and continued on to the Black Spike Mountains, where they encountered Malum, who warned them of increased Skrall patrols in the area.

As they rode on, the convoy was captured by Skrall. Quick thinking on Gresh's part resulted in a caused avalanche that distracted their captors and freed themselves from them. The rock slide, however, trapped them within a tunnel. The convoy eventually emerged from it, only to be surrounded by Malum and his Vorox. The exiled Glatorian commissioned them to retrieve his sword from Roxtus in return for the two Agori's freedom. Gresh and Strakk complied, infiltrating the Skrall city and fleeing with the weapon. After an attempt at rescuing the Agori and stealing back the caravan, the wagon fell over the Dark Falls while escaping the Vorox. Gresh was knocked unconscious by the impact. He awoke to find Ackar and Kiina standing over him, who had volunteered to search for the convoy when it failed to arrive in Vulcanus on time. Unable to transport the damaged wagon, the Glatorian devised a plan, and sent Strakk out as bait. The Ice Glatorian was soon discovered by a Skrall patrol led by Stronius. The Skrall believed his false story, and retrieved the Exsidian from the water, loading it in a new cart. They were then ambushed by Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh. The group succeeded in fending them off, fleeing with the new wagon. However, Malum's band of Vorox were waiting ahead of them, cutting off their escape.

Ackar pretends to be allied with Malum, causing the Skrall and Vorox to attack each other. As the caravan reaches the last leg of the journey, they see Bone Hunters who have been killed by a supposed Skopio attack. The Skopio XV-1 machine rises from the sand piloted by Telluris. As Strakk, Tarduk, and Kirbold flee the other three Glatorian try to combat the machine. As Kiina scales the Skopio, Gresh and Ackar jam its treads with Exsidian. Kiina knocks Telluris out, and the Skopio is sabotaged so the machine cannot be used again. They finally reach Vulcanus where they are applauded. Gresh agrees to train with Kiina.

Branar, a named Skrall, participated in the monthly Vorox run to test for the migration of Baterra. The Baterra slaughtered one of the Vorox and his Skrall ally, leaving Branar alive to report the news to Tuma. After hearing the news, Tuma pushed up his plans, and ordered the Skrall to attack Atero the next day. Tuma was later approached by Metus, a traitor to the social structure of Bara Magna. The Agori promised to reveal extra knowledge of the Baterra if Tuma was to strike a new deal. Forced to do so, he agreed.

The Great Tournament at Atero began, and Glatorian from all around journeyed to the Arena Magna to participate. Tarix and Strakk started to engage in a practice match, to sharpen their skills. Tarix informed Strakk that a caravan carrying food supplies heading to the Water Tribe was completely looted and the Agori killed by Bone Hunters, and expressed how he should be with his people instead of fighting.

Tarduk and other Agori from nearby villages were preparing the Arena Magna for the upcoming Great Tournament. Under the pretense of getting more supplies, Tarduk left the arena, for a chance to explore some ancient ruins near the city. Finding a mysterious detailed metal map with a picture of a Red Star on it, the Agori struck a deal with Crotesius to search for the meaning of the star, in the White Quartz Mountains. Gresh, not wanting to show any of his moves while practicing, exercised by himself, and Tarduk came out to watch him. The two were interrupted by Malum, who confronted the Glatorian, and attempted to warn him about a Skrall invasion that will take over Bara Magna. Tarduk and Crotesius set off with another Agori, Kirbold, traveling on Sand Stalkers.

The following morning, a match between Tarix and Strakk began. Meanwhile, a discussion about Malum's approach to Gresh was brought up between Raanu, Metus and Berix. Wondering what this threat Malum warned about could be, the three traveled toward the outside of the city. Metus spotted a huge sand storm heading towards Atero. As it came closer, Berix realized that the sand storm was a huge army from the Rock Tribe.

Raanu rushed in the arena and urgently began to tell everyone the Skrall were coming. Tarix reacted quickly and gathered the Glatorian there to defend Atero until the Agori could leave and make it to safety. The battle leaned to the Skrall forces very quickly however, and the Glatorian were not able to stop them. Tarix, with some pressuring from Strakk, ordered the escape, and the Glatorian and few Agori fled from the damaged Arena Magna.

Later, Tarix, Strakk, Gresh, Metus, Berix and Raanu hid in a small cave, and discussed the events. At least half a dozen Glatorian were killed in the battle and many Agori were scattered or lost. The group agreed that if they ever hoped to resist the Skrall, they were going to need help.

The Glatorian fighting the Skrall horde

After a short while, the team searching for the Red Star realized they were being followed. Unsure of what was tracking them, the group attempted to move faster, accidentally stumbling into an Iron Wolf den. About sixty Wolves were bound to strike until the ancient warrior Surel arrived and subdued the creatures with a command. He explained the history of the Iron Wolves and the Core War that took place on Spherus Magna. As he began to tell them about the Element Lords, an avalanche controlled by the Element Lord of Ice fell towards the group. Before the avalanche hit, it was destroyed by a firestorm created by the Element Lord of Fire. As Tarduk and his company prepared to leave, Surel warned them of the dangers they would encounter. After seeing the reason for their journey, Surel gave them information concerning the Forest of Blades, the River Dormus, and the Valley of the Maze, before departing. As the Agori continued their journey, heading towards the Forest of Blades, they discovered the soldiers from the Core War trapped from within the trees of the forest. Kirbold decided to leave without them before traveling further. Tarduk and Kirbold shook hands, and the latter departed on a Sand Stalker. With two left in their group, Tarduk and Crotesius continued into the forest.

The moment they entered the Forest of Blades however, they were held captive by plant life. The Element Lord of Jungle soon approached them and began to talk about the way through the Forest. He told them that Crotesius would stay and be a part of the Forest, and that Tarduk could leave. Seeing a small light, and thinking it may be some help, Tarduk talked more with the Element Lord distracting him. While he spoke of the Core War, Kirbold had returned, and torched the being before causing a small forest fire. As the vines released the fire Agori, the Element Lord used his powers to attempt to put out the flame. The three Agori then ran from the fire and escaped, reaching the River Dormus. They were pulled into the river by the Element Lord of Water, who believed they knew how to get into the Valley of the Maze. As Tarduk was making a deal with the Element Lord (feigning he knew how to get into the Valley), the Element Lord of Ice froze the river, scaring off his brother. However, the trio were saved by the Element Lord of Rock, who lifted them onto the river bank and questioned them about the Valley of the Maze. After Tarduk revealed their intentions, the Element Lord let them pass. They stumbled across the Spirit's Wish, which was fabled to give whoever passed through it their heart's desire. When the Agori did so, they were teleported to the ruins of Atero, and Tarduk vowed to journey back.

Later, Tuma and Stronius traveled to the Sisters of the Skrall in order to reveal information and with that information an offer. The females showed their mental powers to the two Skrall before refusing any deal. Tuma was able to negotiate further with his female counterpart, implying he knew the location of the Great Being Angonce, and used that knowledge to pledge for his and Stronius' freedom. Once they started to head back to Roxtus, they came across uprooted trees, which they initially believed were Baterra. They inspected the roots closely, and realized that it was all a trap, for the trees were decoys, and Tuma was struck in the back by one of the shapeshifters. The Baterra then turned to attack Stronius, who responded by charging towards them with a fierce battle cry. The assassins knocked him unconscious and were about to kill both Skrall, when Metus ran up and kicked the warriors' weapons away. The Baterra immediately halted, as they were only programmed to kill armed beings. As the two Skrall awoke, Metus dismissed the Baterra and negotiated himself into a higher position with Tuma. The three then made their way back to Roxtus.

Gelu, former Second Glatorian of the Ice Tribe, accepted jobs to protect caravans. While on one mission, he was attacked by the Bone Hunter Fero after sending the caravan away. Gelu was able to surprise the Bone Hunter, threw him off guard, and defeated him. As Fero hit the sand, a map he had been carrying was revealed, showing the entire city of Vulcanus. Gelu questioned the Bone Hunter about it, but Fero remained silent. Gelu departed to guide the caravan the remainder of the way.

After escorting the caravan to its destination, Gelu traveled with Metus and Gresh, on their way to Vulcanus for a match. While traveling, the group ran into some Agori having trouble with a wheel from their cart. Gresh and Gelu, knowing that it was Vorox territory, began to help fix and protect the caravan holding its supplies. Gresh told them there was not a fee for this, after the Agori at first refused the help since they did not have money to pay. The team fixed the vehicle quickly, and began to ride toward the two groups same destination, Vulcanus. After dealing with some angry Vorox, who had attempted to steal their supplies, the party made it into the city.

Later in one of the city's inns, Gresh and Gelu spoke about the Core War, the Shattering and about being a Glatorian. Afterward, Gelu, who was interested about the map he had found earlier, spoke with the Village leader, Raanu. Surprised by the detailed information concerning the city map, the leader had no doubt that an Invasion was at hand. Gelu began with a defensive plan for Vulcanus, involving any Agori they could spare. Ackar then approached the room and comments on the situation. Because he was the main Glatorian for Vulcanus, he would lead the strike. Gresh appeared as well, interested, and wanted to help immediately. The three Glatorian conversed with the leader and agreed to split up into three groups, each one seeking help from local Villages and their Glatorian. Ackar and Gelu headed northeast to an unknown location, Gresh traveled north to Tesara, and two other young Glatorian from Vulcanus journeyed west to Tajun.

Gresh had rode on into Tesara and tried to convince Vastus to join in and defend against the coming Raid. The veteran Glatorian refused however, saying that it may be trick by the bone hunters and that he would stay here and protect the Jungle Tribe, letting Vulcanus handle its own problems. Angry, Gresh stormed off. He was able to get a few young Glatorian to join him though and they continued to Vulcanus. Along the way, he found Strakk, and was able to swindle him into helping as well.

During that night, as Fero was traveling through the desert, he picked up on the journey of the two young Glatorian heading to Tajun. Catching on to Vulcanus' plan to find help, he gathered his fellow bone hunters, secretly circled the two and killed them. Later, Kiina and Tarix, searching for wild Rock Steeds who were reported to be seen in the area, found the two dead Glatorian. Suspecting danger, Tarix headed back to Tajun to protect it, and Kiina brought the young Glatorian to Vulcanus, for respective purposes.

Malum and Ackar on the night of the attack

Ackar and Gelu headed to the wastelands, to find Malum. As they journeyed deep into their den, the Vorox gathered around them, and Malum refused an audience. However being old friends with Ackar, Malum allowed them to explain why they were here. Relating the situation, Malum agreed to strike the Bone Hunters camp, in order to slow them down. He refused though, to help Vulcanus and did this for his tribe only. The three Glatorian and Malum's pack of Vorox, traveled to the camp during the night. The Vorox got into position, and gained a surprise attack as the battle starts. Proceeding to attack the stunned Bone Hunters they are able to kill at least half a dozen. The battle then turns to the bone hunters who have begun to regroup. Striking the devolved creatures with Thornax, Malum signaled their retreat and protects his tribe as they do so.

Many Vorox were killed or wounded from the strike, but Malum was pleased by the outcome, and showed the Bone Hunters that they were not to be underestimated. Ackar thanked Malum for his support and again asked the ex-Glatorian if he wished to aid them in the coming battle. Malum refuses, but did wish them the best.

After traveling back to Vulcanus, the two Glatorian met with Kiina who had brought the bodies of the two Glatorian. Explaining the situation to her, she gave her opinion that they should retreat. Gresh, Strakk and a few others arrived shortly after. Gresh gave the news that a certain Agori they had met on their way back, was tipped off by the Skrall that the Bone Hunters were planning to attack from the east side of the city, coming right through Iron Canyon. This news surprised to the others, since the terrain of Iron Canyon was almost impossible to travel through. The group decided to prepare for traps throughout the Canyon before the Bone Hunters arrived.

The Bone Hunters a day later were lead by Fero when they journeyed into the trench. As they traveled, the Bone Hunters were hit with a series of traps, Thornax, rock slides and spears. This slowly began to pick the Bone Hunters off and infuriates Fero. As the Glatorian continued to release traps, killing more of Fero's men, the leader decided to retreat. Surprised by this move, Gresh trailed after the bone hunters, and came back to report that they been returning home.

The strategy brought speculation among the group, who agreed that the Bone Hunters could not truly be gone for good. Raanu however, pleased of the bone hunters retreat, thanked the Glatorian who had traveled to Vulcanus and wished them well. Hurt by the easily dismissing Agori, Gelu, Gresh and Kiina angrily left, despite Ackar's pleas to stay. Strakk would leave soon after.

Days later, Ackar, unconvinced of the Bone Hunters total retreat, continued to watch the village, taking night shifts as well. The next night, the Agori, Kyry, was knocked unconscious by a Bone Hunter while on guard duty. The army had traveled until they were sure that Gresh had stopped following them, and ventured down the Skrall River until south of Vulcanus. They then attacked from the south with more than two dozen Bone Hunters, defeating Vulcanus' defenses immediately. Ackar defended the city to the best of his ability, but was quickly outnumbered. Fero engaged to fight the weakened Glatorian personally and was about to strike Ackar down when he was surprised by an attack from a Thornax. Kiina and the rest of the Glatorian, including Tarix and Vastus, arrived and began to defeat the Bone Hunter's forces. With the Glatorian defending the village and Bone Hunters beginning to fall, Fero ordered a retreat, and Vulcanus was saved.

Afterward, when questioned by Raanu as how the Glatorian arrived and why they came back, Kiina answered they simply stationed themselves in the north, gathering some more help from other villages, until the Bone hunters eventual raid came. She told him that they came to save Ackar however, and not Vulcanus.

A few days later, while on his job of guarding caravans, the former Glatorian Gelu was attacked by a Skrall patrol in the Dunes of Treason. Taking a position behind the rock, he waited for the Skrall to get in view, and then fired his Thornax Launcher. During the fight, Gelu and the Skrall noticed a bright, falling object heading towards the east. As the Skrall were distracted, Gelu quickly made his escape into the desert.

The Kanohi Ignika falling towards Bara Magna

Meanwhile, in Roxtus, several Vorox are chained to a wall as part of a Rock Tribe project to turn them into guards. One snapped his chains and started to rampage down a corridor, only to be stopped by the elite Skrall Stronius. Stronius was about to attack the beast until Tuma arrived, and ordered him to leave the Vorox to the Skrall warriors. Stronius obeyed, and two warriors carried the Vorox back to the prison. Stronius argued with Tuma about when the army should attack and as they talked, a light in the sky distracted them. They disregarded it, believing it was nothing more than a shooting star.

In the wastelands, Gresh, Vastus, and Tarduk discussed Tarduk's journey north, before Vastus knocks out a Bone Hunter with a Thornax. They walk over to the Bone Hunter, and discover that he had a Rock Tribe shield in his possession. As they theorized about how the Bone Hunter got the shield, they spotted the falling object in the sky.

In Vulcanus, Kiina and Ackar engaged in a practice match. After Ackar tripped Kiina with his Flame Sword, they quit the match as Raanu arrived. As they discussed an upcoming Arena Match between Ackar and Strakk, they also spotted the bright object falling through the sky.

The Kanohi Ignika finally landed in the desert, scattering a swarm of Scarabax Beetles. However one beetle remained behind, and watched as the mask levitated and created a body for the spirit living within it, Mata Nui. Then, after Click, the beetle, transformed into a Scarab Shield, Mata Nui was attacked by a Vorox.

While traveling to Vulcanus, Metus encountered a mysterious being in the desert. The stranger, who introduced himself as Toa Mata Nui, desired a route to the nearest village. Metus offered him a ride to Vulcanus, and the two traversed through the desert on Metus' vehicle. While crossing through several ruins, the two were attacked by a Sand Bat, which knocked over their vehicle. Though confused by the lack of Kanohi on the creature, Mata Nui eventually figured out the Sand Bat's weakness to sunlight, and defeated it. Metus decides to keep a close eye on Mata Nui.

Mata Nui facing the Sand Bat

Speaking a little about Bara Magna and its inhabitants, Metus drove Mata Nui to Vulcanus, where they arrived in time to see the match between Strakk and Ackar as Metus explained the Glatorian social system to Mata Nui. Mata Nui was impressed by Ackar's skill, believing him to fight like the Toa of his universe. Ackar eventually won the match, though Strakk attacked him from behind after conceding. Mata Nui expressed disgust at the Ice Tribe fighter's actions, and asked Raanu why he was not intervening. Raanu responded that he was just an Agori, and could not fight a Glatorian.

Mata Nui jumped into the arena as Strakk was about to land the killing blow, and battle commenced. After Mata Nui fell to the ground, Strakk's axe forced the Vorox tail to the Ignika, and the tail was transformed into a blade. Mata Nui attacked Strakk and he fell to the ground. Mata Nui forced the Glatorian to concede to all the Agori present. Strakk tried to grab his Axe, but was stopped by Ackar. The Glatorian of Ice left, leaving Mata Nui and Ackar alone. The two went to Ackar's house and Metus entered, informing Mata Nui of his potential to become a Prime Glatorian, though the warrior refused. Upon Metus leaving, Mata Nui began telling Ackar a bit about how he had come to be on Bara Magna. Kiina then unexpectedly revealed herself, jubilant at the proof that there were other worlds. Upon Ackar introducing her, the female Glatorian told Mata Nui about a strange cavern near Tajun and agreed to take them to it, on the condition that he take her with him when he left Bara Magna.

As they begin travelling, Ackar works with Mata Nui trying to tell what way a Cave Shrike will turn. Ackar then attacks a Rock Steed, and pretends to be seriously injured by the Creature. In anger, Mata Nui attacks the Rock Steed, and manages to tell what the Rock Steed's next attack will be. Annoyed that it can't attack Mata Nui, the Rock Steed runs off. Ackar tells Mata Nui how he feigned injury, and that Mata Nui passed the test.

While traveling through the Sandray Canyon, they were attacked by a Skopio creature. Though they managed to evade the giant creature, they were forced to turn around after encountering a pack of Bone Hunters. The Skopio knocked over their vehicle, and Mata Nui attempted to draw the creature away. Kiina and Ackar fought the Bone Hunters, and defeated several of them. Mata Nui then managed to trap the Bone Hunters and Skopio under a great piece of rock while he and the Glatorian escaped.

The three eventually made it to Tajun, where, to Kiina's despair, they discovered the village had been destroyed and a wounded Gresh, who had been staving off an invasion of Skrall and Bone Hunters. Gresh recounted the destruction of Tajun, then passed out. The three Glatorian realized that a traitor was in their midst, and was supplying information to both parties. Hearing the approach of Skrall and Bone Hunters, the Glatorian and Mata Nui concealed themselves, observing Tuma inspect the damage done to Tajun.

They soon entered the cavern in Tajun, where they found Berix, a Water Agori scavenger, hiding. Kiina angrily confronted the Agori, having forbidden him to enter the cavern earlier. Berix repudiated her authority and her allegation that he was a thief and then offered to tend Gresh, to which Kiina reluctantly acquiesced. While Gresh was being healed, the others discovered an ancient laboratory used by the Great Beings. A picture of a robot not unlike the one Mata Nui had once inhabited was found carved into the walls, to Mata Nui's astonishment. He and the Glatorian briefly discussed the Great Beings, during which Kiina related their hatred for them. At Ackar's request, Mata Nui then upgraded the Glatorian's weapons and gave them Elemental Powers, using the Ignika.

Tarix in combat with Vastus

Heading to Tesara, the Glatorian paused to practice their new skills, and Ackar began to teach Mata Nui skills in fighting as thanks. Upon arriving in Tesara, the Glatorian halted a fight between two prime Glatorian, Tarix and Vastus. Though they warned of the Bone Hunter and the Skrall's alliance, no one believed them. Mata Nui then transformed Tarix and Vastus' weapons, and they were taken more seriously by the Agori present. Later, Berix stealthily left to follow someone he had seen leaving to speak to the Skrall. When Kiina confronted him, convinced he was the traitor, they both were kidnapped by the real traitor and several Bone Hunters. When Mata Nui learned of the kidnapping, he set off for the Skrall camp on his own, despite protests from Raanu, who felt his leaving would weaken their defense, and Ackar, who believed others should go too.

In the Skrall camp, Kiina and Berix, worrying about their imprisonment, resolved their differences while the Skrall and Bone Hunters awaited the approach of Glatorian, having set up a trap to lure them away from the villages using Kiina and Berix as bait. Upon entering the Skrall camp and seeing Kiina and Berix imprisoned above, and the Skrall and Bone Hunters who surrounded him, Mata Nui challenged Tuma to battle. Tuma attacked Mata Nui viciously, boasting to all assembled after each successful blow. The battle continued, and Mata Nui, using Ackar's battle teachings, felled Tuma by spotting a weakness in Tuma's armor and repeatedly hitting that certain spot with his shield. As Mata Nui claimed Tuma's shield in victory, Metus stepped forward, proclaiming himself the traitor. Metus ordered Mata Nui, Kiina, and Berix executed, but a gigantic figure, composed entirely out of Scarabax Beetles, which had been summoned by Click, appeared out of the desert, frightening the Skrall and Bone Hunters. While Mata Nui freed Berix and Kiina, more Glatorian appeared to confront the great number of Skrall and Bone Hunters, and Metus tried to escape on a chariot. However, two Vorox overturned the chariot, and Mata Nui touched Metus with the Ignika. Its powers turned Metus into a snake, and as he slithered away, he said his united army could not be defeated. Realizing the significance of unity, Mata Nui returned to the battlefield and had the Glatorian combine their swords and powers, which caused a gigantic blast and defeated the Skrall.

Later, the villages all started to be pulled together, and Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix noticed they looked rather like the robotic body Mata Nui once used to rule Aqua Magna. Berix pulled out a coin he found, with a symbol of the giant robot and the symbol of the Three Virtues on one side and the symbol used in the Skrall shields on the other. He then held out a Skrall shield to compare the symbols. He found that the symbol on the shield looked like a map. Mata Nui then declared his intention of following this map and the Glatorian and Agori stated that they would go with him. The villages were finally all combined, and Mata Nui named Ackar lead defender and Raanu as head of the united Mega-Village of Bara Magna.

The assembled Mega-Village

Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina and Vastus encountered a trapped Thornatus in the Sandray Canyon. It was freed by Vastus and Kiina, who combined their elemental powers to do so. As Mata Nui lectured how they shouldn't let their guard down, Metus tried to assassinate the group by dropping a large boulder on them. Click noticed the transformed Agori, and confronted him. Metus paused his plan and decided to eat Click. The Scarabax was pursued until finally cornered, where he summoned a large swarm of Scarabax beetles. They defeated Metus, ignoring his protests and he was then launched through the air. Click then returned to the Glatorian, where Kiina chided him.

Shortly afterward Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh and Berix began a journey towards the Valley of the Maze. However Berix was injured by a Thornax as they were ambushed by a group of wandering Skrall. After driving them off, Mata Nui urged the others to stay behind, fearing his friends' safety. They reluctantly agreed and Mata Nui continued his quest alone, Click being his only companion. Traveling north through the Black Spike Mountains, Mata Nui arrived at the sacred Valley and walked inside the maze, determined to reach the tower stationed in the middle of the labyrinth.

Meanwhile, the Agori Sahmad, a fierce slaver now out of work since the siege of Roxtus, drove his Baranus V7 and assaulted Ackar and Kiina dwelling on the outskirts of the newly built Mega-Village. Using their superior Elemental Powers however, the pair of Glatorian quickly subdued the bandit. As Gresh appeared, Ackar and Kiina discussed Mata Nui's long absence, and Kiina expressed concern over their missing friend. Ackar reassured her however, and the three returned to the Mega-Village to tend to Berix's injury and continue to defend the Agori.

After traveling through the Maze for what seemed like days, Mata Nui encountered blocked passages and Elementally-powered traps. He escaped the insanity with Click's help as he transforms into Scarab Shield mode and smashes through the stone walls. Shielding against the Thornax Launchers trap embedded throughout the next hallway, the duo finally arrive at the Maze's center.