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I am so sorry. So, so sorry. I am leaving. Yes, go have a party, mr staffies. You have now 1 less annoyer to cope with. And to half you staffies, I say good riddance and meh. >:P Now, a will. Yes. I am leaving something for you all. All my friends.

Lord Oblivion. My first friend. Always there with good advice. I give you my greatest thanks. And I give you My werewolfy powers. Use them well.

Toa 11. The one who is older than me by not too much. I give you my celebration kazoo. The one i used when we first met. Note: I also give you the hau that i owed you.


There. No longer in debt.

Zero the master. Lord of the mysterious number before 1. Last time I checked, you had no services. Well, here. My toa derourk r.w.w. services.

Nidhiki05. Toa of air. Weilder of the dinner blaster. Here is my lazor helmet. It goes BLIP. Use it like T.A uses his scythe, wich was also a gift from some one.

And Biocryptid. One of the best cryptids i know. we warred, we pwnd and owned but we were friends. I give you my greatest gift. Timmy. Please treat him well, find new ones, and, for mata nuis sake, COLOUR THEM IN.

And now, an irish word sentence. If you want to know what it means, use google translate.

Slán agat, mo chairde. B'fhéidir go mbeidh orainn a fheiceáil chéile arís.

--External ImageTOA DEROURK IS A RABID WERE-WOLFExternal Image 18:32, 7 July 2010 (UTC)
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<countdown time="6/3/2011 2:00 PM CST">

My Birthday is in <D> days, <H> hours, <M> minutes, and seconds!! NO! CAKE FOR FRIENDS ONLY! SHOO!</countdown>

<countdown time="10/31/2010 12:00 AM CST">

Its Halloween in <D> Days, <H> Hours <M> Minutes and Seconds! TRICK OR TREAT!</countdown>

<countdown time="12/25/2010 12:00 AM CST">

Its Christmas in <D> Days, <H> Hours <M> Minutes and Seconds! HO HO HO!</countdown>

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"Toa! Hey,thats great. I always wanted to be a toa! Just one question: what's a toa?"
                         -Toa Pohatu,swamp of secrets.
Toa Derourk
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Me in WERE WOLF Mode. credit to lord oblivion!
BS01 Status alive and well
Usual Online Time when ever I say "Jam on bread is tasty"
BZP Name N/A
BZP Status dead and not so good
Online Jobs manager of Toa Derourks rabid were wolf services
Age 10000000000000(not really)
Gender boy
Height 99999999999m(not truly)
Nationality Irish(no joke.)
Character(s) Each'n'every one exept the glatorian.BOOOO glatorian.
Set(s) kardas
Color(s) gloriously dark BLACK
Food(s) mexican tortilla wraps.
BOO! This user is a rabid were wolf

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no thats not me. This is...TIMMY.

 Hey there, I am Toa Derourk.

Well actually I am a rabid werewolf typing on a computer,chewing on his last victims bones. But so what? Just dont visit my page on a full moon... >D So I have one thing to tell you: I belive in a special thing I call: T.W.O.B.F. It stands for the way of bionicle fandom. Always stay with bionicle.No.Matter.WHAT. eventhoughidintfornearlyayearpleeeasedontpunishme.


Once when I was only a five year old werewolf I had a cool birthday party. One of my friends got me a bionicle. My first bionicle. It was a Tahnok-Kal. Me first bionicle. (ps I am half Irish.NO JOKE.Conais a ta tu?An bhfuil tu ceart go leor?) But it kept breaking up so mum and dad threw it away.And I was electrocuted the next day when I touched the bin and a strange little ball rolled out and away.How strange.Then a few years later when I was in first class I recall playing a game with my friend where I was a bionicle.In 2005 I bought matau hordika and I thought his name was matu and I have a scary memory of playing with him in the garden saying "So your general of the BIONICLE army now matu?" and making him say "Oh yes." in a voice like churchill. SHIVER. Then in 2007 I got a bionicle magazine previewing the barraki.Iwas so exited I showed my friend that played bionicle all those years ago.He didnt care #sob# and so began a New step into bionicle. I colected each of the bionicle of 2007 exept maxilos,hydraxonn,jaller,lesovik,sarda,karzanhi and those mini sets. I didnt do so well in 2008. Then after autumn (or as you americans say,fall,) came the great betrayle. A part of my little werewolf life I prefer to forget,but must write about. I didnt play with any of my bionicle in my GIGANTIC BOX AT ALL. sob cry winge I know I'm such a BAD WEREWOLF. Wawawawaaaaaaaaaaa etc. etc. Then one day I got a glatorian. Or three. Then I realized they didnt have mask powers. (Why, bionicle people? WHY?!) So began the second Great betrayle. And it happened all over again. Then on the 12th of September 2009 I decided "Hey!I'll build some BIONICLE for the heck of it!" And so began a new bionicle era for me! Im still at it. My most recent bionicle is toa Derourk.


1.Toa of fire can create ice by removing all heat from some water.

2.Toa of ice can create water by removing all cold from some ice. 3.The great beings are people.

NON BIONICLE RELATED. 1.Tom nooks name was derived from the word tanooki.

Failed theories. 1.Being a bso1 member would be easy lol

My top 10 BIONICLE. 10.Hydraxxon




6.Makuta Icarax

5.Makuta teridax (but he doesnt deserve a capital T.)

4.Jaller mahri

3.Tahu mistika

2.Swamp strider


Bottom 10.










and despicable despicable 1:GLATORIAN.


Home is where the heart is.Your home is in your rib cage. -Me

I am who I am. -Takanuva , BIONICLE: Mask of Light

Sticks and stones may break my bones but call me names I break your mask!


Thats kinda STOOPID.



-My baby brother after pushing a plush teletubbie into a hole.





Girls just dont like things going SPUDOW! do they. What a shame.

-Me to Toa Nidhiki05 (megan51 had a word with me afterwards. she was not pleased.)

Can i smash?
yes. yes you can.






Ah Lahk Mudkipz. -Me on Mudkip

Macku looks like a duck. quack quack Macku. -My review of Macku.



BIONICLE com Bios Ackar.png
This user HATES Glatorian.
Art Teridax's Death.jpg PUSH! Thats for being such a meanie.
Comic Makuta Struck by Aqua Magna Fragment.png OI! You cant do that in baseball!
Art Mata Nui and Makuta Facedown.jpg Well?Fork over the lunch money.
Vandalism.PNG The piraka were here... Promo Art Vezok Avak Reidak Line-Up.png ...And then were caught.
Weird Matoran 1.png


External Image This user is part of the Toa11 Toa Team.


DATA: Toa of sonics. Has mask of learning. Uses sonic sword. Toa Derourk is the toa of learning and was the leader of the toa jingeea before the rest of the teams death.A long time ago a band of crinimals named the Shadow warriors invaded the island that he was protecting. Trying to find out how they would strike,Derourk knocked out a shadow warrior who had camped near the main village by using a sonic boom.He learned that the shadow warriors would attack from the north and the south. As soon as he learned this he took off to tell the rest of his team. If he had continued learning he would have found that if the toa were at both sides a shadow arrior named hook after his horrible blades would have flown in and attacked the toa from behind. Once the toa positioned themselves and the shadow warriors struck,hook flew in and murdered each toa. The only survivor was toa Derourk. The village was over run,the matoran were turned into grotesque "shadow soldiers" and the mask of toa derourk was smashed(it has been repaired now).He blamed himself for this so now aims to have revenge on hook and learn nearly every thing.

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Awards and stuff like that

The Shadowed One.png
Great Friend Award
This award is given to Toa Derourk for being my great friend!

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The Toa Shoby Award
You have been granted this award simply by visiting Toa Shoby's user page.
Matoro.PNG Toa11 Friendship Award
This Toa11 Friendship Award is presented to Toa Derourk for being my buddy. Thank You! ~Toa11
The Toa of Chaos Goodbye Award
This award has been granted to Toa Derourk for earning the utmost respect of Toa of Chaos. Unfortunately, the time has come for me to leave the Wiki, and it is my last act to give you this award. Goodbye, and perhaps we will meet again.
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Papercutz Hydraxon.jpg Friendship Award
This award goes to Toa Derourk for being my friend.External Image


It is with great honor to announce that Biocryptid has been owned by a very rabid were wolf. Reason for being owned: For asking me if you could join the team and not toa11. Thank you.
It is with great honor to announce that a rabid wolf has been owned by Biocryptid21 Reason for being owned: For owning me. THIS...IS...PAYBACK!! HAHA
It is with great honor to announce that Biocryptid has been owned by a very rabid were wolf. Reason for being owned: For owning me after I owned him! MWAHAHAH! TWO CAN PLAY AT YOUR GAME!

Biocryp gave me this after i owned him again. Quote : "I have something special for you.

It is with great honor that I announce that Toa Derourk has been pwned by Toa Nidhiki05! Reason for being owned: Summoning mah army without my permission. Thank you.


HT Hydraxon Throwing Wrist Blades.png

Biocryptid21 has declared war on a rabid wolf... for the rest of the week (,cause he's mah friend). :)


External ImageTalk to Me!|Services|ASCII The makuta. EEK! MAKUTAS!

~Toa11 (TalkToMe| Look At What I Did!) -- the 11th toa

Zerothemaster(Quick-Speak | Contribs)
the master of the number before 1.

Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air Talk | Contribs the wielder of the DINNER BLASTER.

External ImageMy talkpage-My sandbox The bionicle that just so happens to be a cryptid.


toa.D (hey! i am not a frog! im a were wolf! it stands for toa derourk!)

Door mat. (nick name by my friends in ireland. *gives them evil eye*)

Werewolf (now that i like. ta v much toa11)

D (what a short nick-name by zerothemaster.)

Funny ha ha video

i found this on toa 11s page and laughed my socks off. <videoflash>M_PPP7i2bj0</videoflash>

this one just a supercallafrajalisticexplialadodo video from bionicle <videoflash>PqLy1tgyphw</videoflash>

and this one is too. <videoflash>ulrkmzW7hMI</videoflash>ulrkmzW7hMI

and so is this one



it tells the tale of me and biocryptid in our 1 week war. i am the guy with the ruru and he is the guy with the hau. i am in were wolf mode in the vid. its made by biocryptid.


And this is one is BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Nobody likes Mantax anymore soooo... He goes to...PSA! TADA! AND MAKUTA STARTS SINGING!


Humor boxes,digimals and thingymabobbys

Promo Art Rahi Kardas Dragon.jpg
You see, if you brush your teeth, floss and use listerine EVERY day your teeth will become super shiny, just like mine.



Play Lava Surfing

Play Forest Flyer

Play Kopaka's Ice Trail bwahahah! this one very sadistic.

Play Gali Nuva's Rapid Descent

External Image Timmy sure likes the games.


All mah timmys are stored here. If you have an idea for a timmy, tell me on mah talk page.


External ImageThe original Timmy

External ImageThe Alternate Timmy. Not a n00b, is actually quite smart.

External ImageAnother Alternate Timmy. SUPAH STRONG but still a n00b.

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One Day Toa Crowzon Spotted a queer looking sheep in a farm. He reported it to me, saying "I saw Timmy like a sheep! Baaah!" So i Put a bounty on its head. $10000000000000. Yup. Biocryptid found it. To this day, he ha still not been payed.