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Taylor the Chosen One of Fire
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Real life

My behavior? Well, i'm just average, I guess. Though I like to goofy or "rehearse" sentences that come to mind.

My interests? Well, I have quite a lot

Valve's Orange Box. Episode 2 has an epic story and a HUGE ending (Emotional-wise) Portal is really mind-bending. And Team Fortress 2 is just plain awesome.

Bionicle (That's why I'm here)

I just wish I could be one of the Toa and suppress the Brotherhood's forces.

Quake 1. Yes. I enjoy Quake with modern stuff here and there, getting my butt kicked under the alias "QuakeTay"

Doctor Who

And lots more

I, with other guys, am producing The Spasticity Factor: The Movie! Expect a lot of explosions