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Backlot takua.png
BS01 Status Cryoshell- The Official Fan Page Admin/
Bionicle Community Liaison
Usual Online Time Whenever I want to be online.
BZP Name Sorano- Wind-Flame Toa
BZP Status Lurking in the Shadows
Online Jobs External Image
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Nationality American, Born and Bred
RauNoble.png This user can translate Matoran to English.
Golden Kanohi.png This user builds new Toa when bored.
Calix.png This user Pole Vaults for the High School Track Team.

Current Record: 9'0"
Avsa.PNG This user is VERY HUNGRY.
Rua.png This user scored a 29 on the ACT.
Rua.png This user scored a 92 on the
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.
EPIC FAIL!! This user received two votes in the Certavus MoC contest.

Thanks to all who voted for me! (My two fans)
This user is friends with Swert on a non-descript social networking site.
External Image This user has fallen prey to Dorek's Ban Hammer, an accomplishment that is not to be proud of.

"Do you know what it is like to feel the earth beneath you scream as you walk? It is horrible. What makes you think you can destroy me, much less scratch me, when the unyielding earth is frightened by just my aura?"

Ugh. I have been gone for WAAAY too long. Those of you who have been around for a while may know me and quite a few of you do. Well hey! I'm back and I'm about to start stomping Wiki-weirdos with a cactus arm!


Lehvak-Kal.png Bohrok-Kal Award
The great Bahrag, Gahdok and Cahdok, have recognized that the Bohrok Sorano has done well in cleansing Wiki Nui of impurities. *CHIKT CHIKT CHICKT!!!* As such, you have been submerged in Kalium and have emerged as... Sorano-Kal.

--Kopaka Teridax: King of Ice and Shadow 14:12, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

External Image
Class Prototype Matoran
Title/Job Soul Reaper (Shinigami)
Mask Red Hau-shaped
Mask of Conjuring
Status Transformed
Pronunciation So-RAH-no
External Image
Toa Guardias
Toa Title Toa Guardias of Wind
Element Wind
Fire through Zanpakuto
Primary Group Guardias
Location Southern Island Chain
Mask Red Hau Nuva-Shaped
Mask of Conjuring
Tools Zanpakuto
--Saber Staff
--Two Toa Claws (np)
Status Alive
Pronunciation Gar-DAE-us
External Image
Toa Title Toa Guardias- Bankai state
Classification Power Release state
Element Wind
Advanced Fire Powers
through Zanpakuto
Mask Silver and Gold gilded
Hau Nuva-shaped
Mask of Conjuring
Tools Zanpakuto, Shiniryu Ouka
(King Death Dragon)
shee-NEE-ree-OU OH-kah
Pronunciation BAHN-kai