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Kopaka the Biomechanical
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BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time 11:00 AM-3:00 PM GST -5
BZP Name Cap'n Kopaka
BZP Status Extremely active
Online Jobs Casual user
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Nationality American...? :P
Character(s) Krahka, Takanuva, Lariska, Nidhiki
Set(s) 8621 Dume and Nivawk
Color(s) Black and orange
Food(s) Seafood linguine, black pepper chicken, apples, cucumbers
Favorite Pokemon Charmander
Favorite Movies Dawn of the Dead, I Am Legend, Eagle Eye, Wall-E
Favorite Bands My Chemical Romance, Flyleaf, Ludo, Girugamesh
Favorite Kanohi Kanohi Komau
VS01 Wiki Skin Thumb.PNG This user supports the VS01 Wiki Skin. FOLLOW THE WHITE USSAL!
Set Krahka.png This user loves the Krahka <3
LetterI.png This user's favorite element is Iron.
Kanohi Komau.png This user's favorite Kanohi is the Komau.
Set Toa Metru.png This user's favorite story year is 2004.

Kopaka the Biomechanical

Yo, BS01! :)
My name is Kopaka the Biomechanical (Ryu), and I became a member here a year or so ago. Although I don't have much information to contribute to the Wiki with-- due to the fact I'm far behind on the storyline-- I try to be an active and sometimes helpful member.

Interests and Talents

I do a lot of BIONICLE-related things with my spare time-- read the old comics and Chronicles books, MOC, and draw BIONICLE art. I'm extremely active on BZPower, and will log onto BioSector01 on a fairly often basis to check talk pages and information pages. Other stuff I'm into is:

  • Art of all sorts; not only BIONICLE. I do a lot of fanart, but I do a lot of traditional horror and abstract stuff as well. I try to use tons of various styles: ink, colored pencil, sketch, charcoal, paint, pixel, digital, etc. My BIONICLE art majhost folder can be found here.
  • Reading; my favorite genre is horror (Matheson, Lovecraft, King, and all that jazz B]) but I'm a big fan of some Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff, too. When I'm not drawing something, I'll usually be found reading a book =P
  • Writing; writing of all sorts. I enjoy writing macabre-style stories for the most part, but I've written some poetry and songs before.
  • Programming with GML; I've been using the language for about four years now, and I've become an experienced user of the coding style-- and broken off completely from using Drag and Drop buttons. I'm making a ton of games at the moment, because I can't program as fast as I can think =P


My BIONICLE collection so far:

1388 Huki
1390 Maku
1392 Kongu
8534 Tahu
8551 Kohrak Va
8552 Lehvak Va
8555 Nuhvok Va
8563 Tahnok
8564 Lehvak
8566 Onua Nuva
8568 Pohatu Nuva
8571 Kopaka Nuva
8572 Tahu Nuva
8574 Tahnok-Kal
8577 Pahrak-Kal
8578 Gahlok-Kal
8580 Kraata
8589 Lerahk
8590 Guurahk
8591 Vorahk
8593 Makuta
8596 Takanuva
8607 Nuhrii
8610 Ahkmou
8602 Toa Nokama
8606 Toa Nuju
8616 Vorzakh
8617 Zadakh
8619 Keerakh
8621 Turaga Dume and Nivawk
8622 Nidhiki
4878 Bomonga
8737 Toa Hordika Nokama
8738 Toa Hordika Whenua
8740 Toa Hordika Matau
8726 Dalu
8900 Reidak
8904 Avak
8727 Toa Jaller
8732 Toa Matoro
8734 Brutaka
8764 Vezon & Fenrakk
8921 Pridak
8910 Toa Mahri Kongu
8911 Toa Mahri Jaller
8687 Toa Pohatu


BS01 Awards I've received :)

LoMN Toa Metru Forming Toa Seal.PNG The Nuparu1995 Friendship Award
This award has been granted to Kopaka the Biomechanical for being one of Nuparu1995's greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. Go ahead and post this on your page.