From BIONICLEsector01

BS01 Status building
Usual Online Time 1 hour
BZP Name Nocturnox
BZP Status not working
Online Jobs editing
Age 11 (12 in: 29/12)
Gender male
Height 5ft 2
Nationality America
Character(s) Gresh
Set(s) My M.O.C.s
Color(s) Red
Food(s) My Mom's cooking
blue yellow

Basic description

I don't exactly have much activity on BZpower. Our laptop won't let me log on & only our desktop allows me on but I never think about using my account when I get on. I'm a fan of Ultraman and I try to express it as much as I can. I also like Kamen Rider, especially Kiva, but only because of the music and humor. Kamen Rider is still advancing, but ultraman is only continued by movies, however the new series 'ultra galaxy neo' is coming out. I am in love with Lessovick, he makes a difference above all le-toa. He is a legend, and though the set I have requires care, he is better than any other toa. I see him as an underground martial artist. No one has described him better than the legend of lessovick. Ever since I found the link to his epic on BZpower; I have wanted to make a story with as much action, adventure and pure perfection. I have written a story, but it doesn't involve journeying through the world, my story is more about mystery, action, and Tokusatsu (power rangers, kamen rider , ultraman).




Working on:

  • Adventure Avohkii nui (AAN)


  • I have a cleft lip and pallet. However I had surgery and the pallet is closed.
  • My super hero fave is Ultraman.
  • My second hero fave is Kamen rider.
  • I have two brothers; user: ACE1881, and user: B-a-t-m-a-n. I also have a sister, but she's three