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This template produces an indicator in the top right corner of the page to show that the article relates to Generation 2 of BIONICLE. Compare to Template:EraG1.

Basic usage

Place this on all Generation 2 articles except character pages (as outlined in the next section):


Dropdown (only for use on character, faction, or event pages)

On these pages, also indicate the "era" in which the character played a major story role. In Generation 2, "eras" correspond to years. This makes a total of two eras. Again, only list the eras in which the subject featured prominently, not just when they made an appearance. For example, in Generation 1, Hahli and each of the Toa Nuva would not receive era icons for 2004 or 2005, as they only briefly appeared in the framing devices (prologues, etc.). Also, appearances in guide books do not warrant era icons. For example, in Generation 1, Macku appears in BIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends, but this does not warrant a 2004 era icon.

Use this format instead to indicate the eras, removing the ones that are irrelevant. The era icons are grouped in a dropdown that appears next to the main Generation 2 indicator. See Ekimu for an example of the template in action.


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