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This template produces a link with the inputted color.


Parameter Function
(first parameter) The link color
(second parameter) The article to link to
(third parameter) (optional) The text in the link

Default: the value of (second parameter)


The standard way to color links in MediaWiki is to write [[article-title|<font color="link-color">link-text</font>]], or [[article-title|<span style="color: link-color;">link-text</span>]]. (The second way is better, since it doesn't rely on the outdated font tag.) For example, you could write [[Matau|<span style="color: green;">Matau</span>]] to produce Matau.

These methods do not change the actual link color, they just change the color of the text inside the link. As a result, the methods from earlier don't change the link's underline color. This template actually changes the link color, so the underline color is correct.



produces Matau.


produces Takua.