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Someone recently pointed out the existence of these exclusive cards: [1]. Does anyone have more information about these? This should be added to the page. —Planetperson 00:15, 7 May 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, they came in special edition packs of the QftM, and had foil-print lettering for their names, along with boosted stats iirc. I can dig up some info on this while I'm messing around with this page. --MightBeAlon (talk) 15:49, 12 May 2019 (UTC)

QftM paperwork - in HD

I'm going to scan all the paperwork that comes with QftM deck boxes (rules, maps, etc) when I go to work tomorrow; should I upload the images to BS01, or link them here via an external image/pdf hosting platform? --MightBeAlon (talk) 17:04, 12 May 2019 (UTC)

Feel free to upload directly here. Thanks for sharing those! -- Morris the Mata Nui Cow (talk) 18:53, 12 May 2019 (UTC)
No worries, I can't seem to find any decent scans of some of these things online, and my office can get some pretty decent resolution so it seems like the best thing to do. It'll also help to back up some of the claims I've made in the page, too. --MightBeAlon (talk) 18:59, 12 May 2019 (UTC)

Rahi Challenge

I don't have any of the paperwork for Rahi Challenge yet, so I can't add any detailed info to the section. I've marked it as a stub for this reason. If anyone happens to know anything about it, help and scans of the files would be appreciated. --MightBeAlon (talk) 19:16, 12 May 2019 (UTC)