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Certavus MoC Contest

Welcome, one and all, to the second official contest of BIONICLEsector01! In this contest, you will be MoCing the famed Glatorian fighter, Certavus! Now now, you say, get to the part about prizes. The prize? The winner of this contest will have their MoC on the Certavus page, as part of the official BIONICLE canon! There will be an art section, as part of the second round of this contest; this will be elaborated upon when the time comes.

You all have thirty (30) days to build. The contest will officially end on Tuesday March 31st, 2009 at 11:59 PST. Voting will begin after the entry time has closed.




  1. Your entry may NOT have been published within the BBC prior to the start of this contest.
  2. Painted parts are not allowed. Any cut/modified pieces are also forbidden. Custom made parts, in that same vein, are also not allowed.
  3. Technic system ratio is 80/20.
  4. No non-LEGO parts.
  5. Kanohi, as part of the face, is not allowed. As a structural piece of the body/limbs, it is fine, but please do not use Kanohi in place of helmets. This is due to canonization, as it would be VERY hard to explain why a Kanohi-like helmet is in use on a Bara Magna character. However, Barraki heads and/or Rahkshi shells are fine.
  6. The height of Certavus may be no taller than an Inika canister. Please try and keep the overall proportions to a canister size set. (For reference, that's 9 inches, or 22.9 centimeters.)
  7. As an added emphasis, prototype pieces are 100% NOT ALLOWED. People will invariably vote for said MoC without consideration to MoC itself.
  8. No digital manipulation of the MoC or background in any way. A title or description may be added, as long as it does not interfere with the MoC itself.
  9. You may post different pictures of your entry within two (2) days of the original posting of the entry, provided that you have not altered the MoC in any way, shape, or form.
  10. Only one MoC per contestant. Along those lines, no scenery or anything of the sort. Just a single MoC. Try to stretch this rule, and we will DQ you.
  11. No cheating. Whatever way you try to cheat, we will hear about it, so, really, it’s best not to even think about it.
  12. No mass-PMing. In fact, no PMing whatsoever. And yes, we will know.

Despite not being a rule, it should be mentioned that Certavus, as a Glatorian and therefore able to be affiliated with any tribe he desired, can be whatever color he wants. So no color restrictions. However, do keep the fact that he was a Glatorian of the Ice Tribe at the time of death in mind.


Q. Should we upload the picture here?
A. No, you have to host it externally. (Majhost, brickshelf, photobucket, etc.)
Q.What color can my MoC be?
A. Any color. Keep in mind that Cervatus was likely to have worn white armor as he worked for the Ice Tribe, but whatever color you choose goes, as long as the pieces are not painted.
Q. How about the height?
A. Cervatus should be no taller than nine inches (22.9 centimeters).
Q. What Kanohi can we use for a helmet?
A. You may use only a Garai, 2004 helmet version Kraahkan and Vultraz's mask. Any other Kanohi are not allowed, including Hordika heads.
Q. Then what can we use for its head?
A. Be creative. You can use anything as long as a Kanohi mask is not used on the head, and if they don't break the other rules, of course. You have the option of making him helmet-less as well.
Q. What about Thornax launcher(s)?
A. We recommend that you use a Thornax Launcher, but it is not required. You may also use more than one, if you wish.
Q. What if I don't have Glatorian pieces, like hands?
A. That's okay, just do your best.
Q. Can it have Kanoka launchers? Midak Skyblasters? Zamor Launchers? Squid? Rhotuka?
A. No.
Q. How big can I make his weapon?
A. No limit.
Q. What does the rule about the 80/20 Technic ratio mean?
A. It means that eighty (80) percent of your MoC should be made of BIONICLE/Technic pieces.

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~BS01 Staff