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This contest ended in 2009, and this page is an archive of when the contest was in progress

Certavus Art Contest

Welcome, one and all, to the second half of the Certavus contest of BIONICLEsector01! In this contest, you will be drawing and painting the famed Glatorian fighter, Certavus! As I mentioned the last time, the prize is quite simple. If your art wins, you gained a spot here no matter what. But you really want a spot here, don't you? Well, the good news is we will add the top three art pieces, one from each category, on the Certavus page. The top 5 artists from each Poll will also make it to the Gallery page itself! The ULTIMATE winner of the ABSOLUTE FINAL Poll of Certavus will be placed in the Template. To make this fair, we'll be adding Brickeen's entry in that poll, in case users want the MOC itself featured, not art. Regardless, all 4 entries will make it to the page, with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners being organized on the page itself in order. Basically, 16 happy people will be walking away from this, with Brickeens being the first. Will you be one of the remaining 15? Draw this guy and find out.

You all have thirty (30) days to draw, paint, create or whatever it is you do in art. The contest will officially end on May 25th, 2009 at 11:59 PST. Judging and Voting will begin after the entry time has closed.

Certavus Gallery Expanded Gallery

(Swert note 4/24: Gallery is not public at the moment.)

To Enter

Basically, you need a form for the next page to enter. For purposes of being easy on us instead of last time, I'm using a different form.

#[[User:YOUR USER NAME HERE]] | [Link to Entry|MY ENTRY] | [Thumbnail link|Preview] | {{{Dimensions here, widthXheight}}}

That's it. It'll help us keep count, and saves on space in the long run. Entries can be entered on the "quick-speak" tab at the top, also known as the article talk page. The categories are set, and you should edit the category you are entering, not just place it wherever. We ask that your thumbnail be no wider than 128 pixels and no taller than 128 pixels, the same size as the Brickshelf/Majhost files. The entries should be deeplinked.


Generic Rules

  1. Absolutely POSITIVELY NO CHEATING. We'll know.
  2. We'll ask the filesize and dimensions be a good decent size. We're going to go with BZP Art Contests' standards, which means no wider than 900 pixels and no taller than 600 pixels. For Computer Assisted, I think I'll make it 72 Dots per Inch with those dimensions. As for the filesize, it can be no larger than 500k. Very important for both users to load, and for BS01's poor server. *shakes reader* THINK OF THE SERVER, MAN!
  3. For this contest, we'll ask you do not make Human Bionicle entries. While you're MORE than welcome to make them after the contest is done (*glares at LK*) you should probably enter a comic-quality image. This does not mean mimic Pop Mhan's style, it means try to keep it as close to the set as you feel comfortable. Organics are not necessarily illegal, but definately not emphasized.
  4. I will bold this for emphasis, but Certavus MUST be the focus. Not much point in art about him if he isn't even what we're looking at, right?
  5. A Glatorian warrior besides him is allowed in the photo, but Certavus should still be the focus. Also keep in mind canon: Gresh hadn't become a Glatorian yet, Strakk supposedly replaces him... basically, only two kinds of Glatorian are known of, Tarix and Vorox. So, keep that in mind.
  6. If you use color, please don't adjust any of it for Certavus. Try to keep to his shade as best as you can. I'm pretty sure replicating "white" isn't too hard XD

Hand Drawn Rules

  1. When doing hand-drawn, we ask you either scan or take a VERY GOOD photo. This is due to the possibility of the entry ending up on BS01 itself. You'd want to look presentable, I'd imagine.
  2. Any medium you feel can be best utilized is fair game. For example, you want to do colored pencils? Do it. Want paint? Sure. Charcoal and chalk pencils? Frowned upon, but why not? Standard ink and pencil? Yes. ANYTHING on paper. We only ask you make it visible enough to be seen.

Computer Assisted Rules

  1. Basically, same as Hand Drawn, but you have a bit more limited medium. You can either begin hand drawn then scanned and edited over, OR you can just freehand it in the computer already.
  2. I'll ask you please don't use a pre-made image from Bara Magna as your background in your art. If you do, I might consider it "Other" and place it in that category. A drawing of a background is allowed for this category, provided you drew it.

'Others' Category Rules

  1. I want this emphasized now, PLEASE NO SPRITES! This is something I have no interest in putting on BS01. If you wish to sprite Certavus, you are more than welcome to, but please do not enter it.
  2. You're welcome to any medium other than sprites and photo manipulation. For example, I don't just want the MOC in front of a new background. That's both cheating and if I wanted one of those, I'm quite capable of making one. This is supposed to be art, not "How many Photoshops can you make in one day?"


Oh yes, judging will be administered here. For the purposes of neutrality, we will not reveal the names of the judges in full. We'll just keep them secret until judging truly begins.

What do they do, you wonder? Simple. They check your art for a criteria that matches the following:

  • Close match to the original MOC without it being an exact.
  • Good design, no major errors.
  • Making sure its filesize and dimensions are not incorrect.
  • Making sure that the entry represents Certavus well in a way that is acceptable as semi-canon.


The voting will then begin. We do not have a set date for the voting, so we'll tell you when we get there. However, in light of the previous contest we did, voting will be random as possibly conceived.

So, why are you reading this? Go draw!