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I'm Waddlez, the writer of Bionicle: Resurrection, creator of Adventures of Manga Nui, and Waddle Dee enjoyer extraordinaire!

Some of you may know me from other platforms, some of you may not know me at all, and a few of you may remember me as the guy who made a bunch of edits that Surel kindly cleaned up. (Sorry about that.) So... What else? Well I guess I'll take a page out of Toa Jala's page, because that seems detailed enough so I can fill it out properly. Ah, concept theft.

Concepts & Creations

Bionicle: Resurrection

Bionicle: Adventures of Manga Nui

Kanohi [unnamed], Mask of Brick: Temporarily locks the position of the user so that they cannot be knocked back by attacks. This effect lasts for a fraction of a second, so it only works effectively on physical blows. It consequently is useless on magic or elemental attacks.


Official Characters

Toa: Lewa, Pohatu

Bohrok-Kal: Pahrak-Kal

Rahkshi: Panrahk, Vorahk, Zirahk

Vahki: Zadakh

Inika: Nuparu

Mahri: all five are great :)

Glatorian: Not particular to any one of them

Stars set: Skrall, Rahkshi

Piraka: Thok



Wombat Combat Pictures


Made a total of about 100 edits as of writing this, less than 20 of which (excluding talk pages) are current.

Fixed multiple typos and grammatical flukes in the wiki content.

Reached the bottom of Toa Jala's user page, but I'm too lazy to find out how to copy-paste that achievement over here :P

Gave opinions several times when not explicitly asked for one.

My birthday is on December 27th, if you're interested.

My Sets



Muaka & Kane-Ra




Panrahk with canister and instructions courtesy of Metalbeard's Booty on BrickLink. I do own two silver Avohkii that could only have come from Makuta (I was given a box of hand-me-down partial sets a couple years ago) and the leg of a Nuhvok-Kal.


all but the left forearm of Nuju.

Few full sets but I startlingly do own one Nuurakh arm and several other Vahki staffs. Also one of Turaga Dume's legs.


Rahaga Iruini

Also the head/body of a Boggorak. I have a feeling that whatever younger me did to that box of hand-me-downs, it involved several dismemberings.


Two of Gresh's hands, one of which remains uncracked despite heavy use, several sockets and a few pieces of armor from Tarix. These came not from the hand-me-down box but from two old canisters of the two aforementioned sets my uncle had as a child.






Skull Warrior (a bootleg version)

Skull Slicer

Skull Scorpio (a bootleg version)

Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder (a bootleg version)





Izotor - my very first Bionicle set!



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