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Welcome to Vakira's Services.This page was originally created so that I can help new members of BS01.In the past,this page was actually my Storyline sub-page,but was later turned into my Services page.The main things that can help newbies,or other members aswell are:Award service,Userbox service,Sign service and Userpage service.To order something,go to the quickspeak of this page and I'll get it ready as fast as possible,and if by any chance I am late,this will show that I am busy.

Award Service

Wlcome to my Award service.Here you can get the coding of different types of awards aswell as their examples.To order award coding from here,you will have to copy the form at the end of a service part and give the information on the Talkpage.

Award examples

Normal Award

BH Lhikan's Hau.png

Example Award

This is an example award. This is given to you for no apparent reason.

Good looking and easy to make,these types of awards are almost seen everywhere and used by almost every user.

Userbox Award

BH Lhikan's Hau.png This is an example award. This goes to you for no reason at all.

Userbox awards are normal userboxes with descriptions that show that it has been given to someone as an award.The coding is easy and it can even be memorized by newbies.

Achievement Award

BH Lhikan's Hau.png

Example Award
No description :P.

Achievement awards are like the O:RAC achievement awards.The coding of these type of awards can be used to make your own customized achievement award

Userbox Service

Welcome to my Userbox service.Here you can get the coding for the userboxes and customize them according to your desire.Userboxes areeasy to make and the coding is short,so even new members can get used to them after using them for a long time.


Koro Fire.PNG This user is a Ta-matoran.

Sign service

Welcome to my Sign service.Here you can order a sign.But I only make text sign's,not super cool signs like this guy.A sign is a very important thing to a user,especially those who are very active.Here you can order customized text signs.

Normal examples

  • Text with background colors-Vakira

Other examples

User Page service

Welcome to my Userpage service,here you can get many things that can be useful in your Userpage.

User Template

A user template can be found in almost every Userpage.Below,beside the compressing example there is an example of a normal user template

  • Example-
User Status alive
BZPower Username =none
BZPower Status {{{bzpower_status_optional}}}
Location Spherus Magna
Gender male
Favorite Set Thornatus V9

External Image


Suppose,one part on your User page is really long,Well it can be compressed by making it scrollable.Below is an example of how it looks.

  • Example-











External Image

Link boxes

Link boxes are like boxes which have links that thake you to different pages.Users can also use link boxes to help them go to their pages,sub-pages etc.There is an example at the end of the page,in the conclusion part to show how it works and to get you out of here.


Here are the forms for ordering what you want.Copy the form,paste it on the talkpage and give the information

Award forms
Userbox form
Sign form
Userpage forms