From BIONICLEsector01

I am Toa of Technology. I seem to be having trouble thinking of what to write, so please forgive me for making my userpage so small.

Sets I Have

Toa Vakama Hordika;

Toa Matau Hordika;

Toa Onewa Hordika;

Mata Nui (mostly dissasembled);

Ackar (slightly dissasembled, rebuilt from scratch by my little sister);

used to have Toa Mata Nui (I gave it to my cousin, who added some of it's pieces to his Bionicle/Technic glove);

Tahu Mistika;

and the Skopio XV-1 with Telluris

(Tahu and the Skopio are my favorites.)

My Favorite Bionicle MOCs

Toa and Matoran Valah